YouTube Video Marketing For Physicians, By the Numbers

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We’ve been spending a lot of time talking about social media marketing in the form of Pinterest and Facebook, but not nearly enough time discussion the potential for obtaining new patients from YouTube marketing. While YouTube doesn’t nearly get the praise it deserves, we at Quaintise thought it was about time to offer up some juicy numbers and benefits to video marketing on this amazing platform.

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The Secret To Video Success – Make Them Feel It

Video Marketing Healthcare Los Angeles

At Quaintise, if we’ve learned one thing over the years it’s that emotional marketing, truly making a connection with your target audience, is what drives decision-making. Of course, there are quite a few elements that go into successful video marketing, especially in the healthcare field. It’s not often that a healthcare video spreads like wildfire over the internet, but in today’s digital society where anything is possible, we can provide you with some insider tips to help get your video on the right track.
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Video Marketing Techniques – What Not To Do

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This week at Quaintise, we’re focusing on video marketing in healthcare. With that said there are many techniques to engage in for ROI success, as well as many to completely avoid. Videos that are created with poor attention to detail, unfocused messaging, and unclear goals will actually do your brand more harm then good. They can come across as out-of-touch and irrelevant, and in healthcare marketing, where everything must come across as genuine and empathetic, an irrelevant video can disconnect you from your audience. Here’s what not to do:
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Video Marketing – 10 Statistics Your Healthcare Ad Agency Needs to Know

Video Marketing Healthcare Los Angeles

What is the most ingenious aspect of Vine? It’s only 6 seconds, which absolutely forces brands and healthcare marketing agencies to think outside of the box, be unique, creative, innovative, and amazing in only 6 seconds. Video marketing within the healthcare industry is superlatively dependent upon ingenuity, innovation, and the ability to provoke emotion and interest from a tough audience. The stronger you can make your video message within a short time frame, the more successful that vide will become.
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Video Marketing 101: Healthcare Success with Video

Video marketing is not a ‘trend’ of the future, it’s a marketing strategy that has grown online with tenacity, and has reached a pinnacle point where the experts at Quaintise can say that it’s become an integral piece of the marketing puzzle. Over the years Video marketing has grown from a fledgling technique with limited resources; to an entire campaign all its own with endless branding possibilities and limitless audience engagement possibilities.


Video Marketing by The Numbers

Whether you’re a web designer, video producer, healthcare marketer, or advertising agency, you inherently know that videos produce results. You might not have always been able to prove how effective Video marketing was in quantifiable ways, but you knew it worked. Today, you have the numbers to back up those claims. Numbers like these:

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Real-Time Relationship Building in 2013

In healthcare marketing we often talk about building your business brand, building trust between your brand and your audience, and cultivating relationships through all forms of media. In 2013, the next generation of brand building will be in real-time; a quick-paced facet of marketing, and incredibly personal. Sure, when a Fan has a question or concern on Twitter it’s wonderful to have a quick response and follow up with some reputation management, but in 2013 you will have to do a great deal more to get the audience to pay attention.


Real-Time Relationship Building

In 2012, real-time relationship building meant connecting with your brand’s audience on their level; on social media outlets such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, even Google Plus, Google Local and Yelp. In healthcare marketing, it meant answering medical questions by not only following HIPAA regulations, but by providing as much relevant information as possible.

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Brand-Safe Advertising Now Available on YouTube

Youtube Healthcare marketing

YouTube has come a long way since it’s inception just seven years ago. Since that time, it’s become a hub for amateur video, professional video, musicians, educators, physicians, and much, much more. In terms of advertising, however, YouTube has struggled to meet the needs of potential advertisers. Healthcare marketing clients would consistently run the high risk of producing advertising content for pages with amateur videos, perhaps unpredictable and brand-tarnishing amateur videos.


But, all that has changed with YouTube’s recent makeover. And with the integration of YouTube Channels, where content is professionally created, predictable, targeted to a specific audience, brands can feel safe purchasing advertising space.


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