Prospecting vs Retargeting – Your Healthcare Marketing Team’s Dilema (and why you should care)

healthcare marketing_retargeting

There has been a lot of interesting talk surrounding retargeting and prospecting, especially in the realm of social media. In healthcare marketing, retargeting and prospecting are integral elements of any campaign, which is why it’s always so interesting to me to follow these hot topics when they take over the marketing news cycles.
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Understanding Your Target Demographic with Facebook’s New Graph Search


Facebook Graph Search for healthcare marketing

Since it’s universal roll-out yesterday, Facebook’s new Graph Search has been all the talk of marketers and techies in the healthcare marketing industry. Of course, as early adopters of Facebook’s Graph Search, I’ve been playing with it’s capabilities for almost a month now, gaining a pretty good grasp of how instrumental this new feature can be for healthcare social media marketers. What is Facebook Graph Search? How can you use it for healthcare marketing? Let the experts at Quaintise walk you through what we’ve already learned with our already extended use of this awesome new Facebook feature.
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What Ad Platform Will Drive The Most Traffic?

One of the most common questions our Quaintise healthcare marketing agency receives from new clients is “What advertising platforms will drive the most traffic? Where will I see the greatest ROI?” Because every single penny counts when it comes to running a successful medical practice, it’s exceedingly important to spend that money wisely, especially in this business of branding and marketing.

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Remarkable Marketing Myths and Truths

Understanding what your audience wants is paramount to creating a successful marketing campaign. No matter what medium you’re using, what message you’re sending, or what Scottsdale marketing firm you’ve contracted, knowing what your customers and fans want can mean the difference between profit and loss. However, a new Harvard Business Review article just published this week is blowing up everything we know about marketing to your target audience.

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The History of Advertising

Advertising has come quite a long way since TV first broke onto the scene in the early 1940’s. Before that it was all about print media, and with the advent of TV advertising things began to change. Advertisers had to think more organically about how to incorporate products and services into sponsored television shows and news shows. From there, everything changed. Even today as the Internet has brought advertising into a whole new realm of fragmenting and targeting audiences, TV remains a major influencer of consumer purchasing decisions.

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Brand Trust – How Important is the Source?

How important is brand trust? Undoubtedly, brand trust is the single, most sought-after objective of every marketing strategy. Brand trust equals brand equity, which turns into amazing profit for any given company. But how does brand trust work? Martin Lindstrom, one of TIME Magazine’s “World’s 100 Most Influential People” took an interesting look into brand trust and product endorsement.
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Running a Successful Facebook Campaign_Case Study

Running a successful Facebook marketing campaign is complicated. Beyond the time it takes to personally connect with your target audience and network with your demographic, Facebook marketing requires a strict objective, measurable goals, and a plan. Launching a successful campaign is one thing, maintaining that marketing objective over time is quite another.


Case Study: Arizona OB GYN Affiliates

Understanding that Arizona OB GYN Affiliates’ (AOA) target two most important audiences are women just before and during their childbearing years. This audience, the Y Generation, born after 1982, are incredibly technology savvy and are categorized as the “Connect with Me” health care consumer. With that knowledge, we decided to embark upon a Facebook campaign with the goal of connecting with this target demographic.
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Learning from the NFL – Expanding Your Audience

As I was writing last week’s article on cause marketing, the NFL and the American Cancer Society, it occurred to me that we haven’t discussed how to expand your target audience and your brand’s reach. Each and every brand has a specific target audience, a demographic that has been determined with a high degree of confidence to relate to the overall brand message. But, as the NFL has clearly shown us, there are ways to expand your reach and attract an entirely new demographic.


The NFL’s New Target Audience

Since the beginning of time, football has been a man’s sport. The target demographic was easy to establish; men, fathers, sons, brothers, grandfathers, singles, all incomes, all ages. Of course, as we all know, things get a bit more complicated when you segment each demographic and determine the best brand message to send to each segmentation, but simply put; men love football.

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Really Understanding Your Audience

Without a supreme understanding of your target audience, you are running a marketing campaign completely blind. You might think you know your audience, perhaps their general age or gender, but if you can’t truly break it down, segment your audience down to the smallest increments, and then build a relationship with those increments; your marketing plan is lost.


We spend a lot of time on this marketing blog talking about statistics and the quantitative data; things that can be categorized, analyzed, and used in marketing proposals to show potential clients. However, for all of the charts and stats that can be shown, the true meat of any demographic analysis is fan relationships and brand reactions. Tactics such as sentiment analysis take a different look at how an audience reacts to certain brand messages, however they are limited by semantics and lose touch with the emotion involved in brand messaging. That’s where the true understanding comes into play.


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Understanding Your Audience Through Segmentation

Understanding your target audience is crucial to building a successful marketing plan, and thus translating that plan into effective action. Whether the campaign is in Phoenix advertising, Scottsdale public relations, or online media, appreciating your audience and what they’re capable of is key to unlocking success. However, in order to appreciate your audience, you and your advertising firm must truly understand every detail about them.


Who Is Your Target Audience?


This is an extremely broad question, and yet one that should be taken into extreme consideration. But let’s break this one down a bit. When going big with advertising campaigns, you have to focus on the small details, and this is a perfect marketing example. Don’t overlook things like age, gender, ethnicity, location, even interests and hobbies, likes and dislikes.


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