Secrets of Successul Healthcare Storytelling

At Quaintise, your Los Angeles healthcare marketing agency of choice, storytelling takes the cake. Telling a powerful story is what drives us, what motivates us to create successful campaigns for our physicians and specialists. Without a commanding, relevant story, your brand has nothing substantial that the audience can grab onto, connect with, and remember. What would Susan G. Komen be without the amazing storytelling behind the 3-Day, or the Race for the Cure? What would Allstate be without their main character Mayhem? recently published an interesting article on the ‘5 Secrets to Using Storytelling for Brand Marketing Success.’ Let’s take a look at what they had to say, and compare their ‘secrets’ with Quaintise proven strategies.

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Start 2013 With a Great Story

In healthcare marketing, we often talk about turning yoru brand into a great story. Why? Because at Quaintise we believe the greatest stories are the ones that can withstand the test of time, connect emotionally with an audience, and convert ‘readers’ into brand advocates. A great story, woven throughout every platform that your brand utilizes, can turn a simple business into a memorable experience.


Here are some ideas to consider when piecing together your brand story for 2013:

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The Promise of Something Great

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The future of marketing lies within the past. We’ve been on the subject of storytelling in marketing and how crucial telling a great story is to your overall healthcare marketing campaign. While there are many ingredients that come into play when considering the greatest stories of all time, the few that resonate throughout history can be easily translated into healthcare marketing strategies. The all-powerful promise made between the author and the reader might be one of the most important ingredients to maintaining relevancy throughout the years.


The Story Promise

Hearing the promise of a story that potentially fulfills an issue of human need — finding healing — engages the interest of the story’s audience. As the characters must overcome increasing obstacles to find healing, they heighten the drama over the story’s fulfillment of its promise. – Understanding the Process of Storytelling
by Bill Johnson

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How is a Brand Message Like a Great Story?

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The greatest storytellers could also be the greatest marketers. In tern, the greatest healthcare marketing firm in Los Angeles must employ the greatest storytellers and integrates a seamless storyline into every marketing strategy, from video and print to banner ads, blogging and social media. It’s no surprise that one of the most sought after iPad and iPhone covers happens to create the illusion of an old book. In fact, I have this cover myself. The future of advertising lies within the past; in storytelling.


Great Stories

A great story will withstand the test of time. How is that possible? How is it possible that a story written in the 1800’s can resonate with the ‘must-have-now’ readers of today, who can’t spend a few minutes in the bookstore and would rather have books instantly downloaded via mobile devices? That same person who cannot wait more than 10 seconds for a book to download is still interested in reading a book from hundreds of years ago.
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Steve Jobs – Storytelling Genuis

Why haven’t we talked about the death of Steve Jobs yet? We were waiting for the most opportune topic, and today we found it. As a marketing and advertising firm, building brands is our business. While technology plays a huge role in effectively communicating a brand’s message, the core of what we do is based on a brand’s story, and not so much on creating the technology to tell those stories. Steve Jobs, while an amazing inventor, or sorts, and techie, was also a mastermind marketer.


Selling the Story

One aspect that we focus on here at Quaintise above all else is the art of storytelling. Building a brand is about creating a unique story, conveying that story, believing in that story, and ultimately getting the target audience to believe in that story as well. Steve Jobs was supremely talented at this process. His vision, his commitement to the story, and his messaging was second to none. It’s one of the greatest reasons why Apple has been so successful over the years.
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Brand Marketing – A Great Story

Effectively communicating your company story; it’s the foundation of what we do at Quaintise. When marketing and advertising is moving a million miles a minute and consumers are connecting with brands on a whole new level, how do you keep them engaged long enough to tell a compelling story and ultimately generate leads and sales? The key is in the storytelling, the tone, the purpose, and the plot.


The History of Storytelling

Since the beginning of time, storytelling has been the ultimate form of raising awareness, educating, and communicating ideas. The idea (the advertisement), has always been hidden between the lines of a story. Remember high school English? Where you were required to ‘read between the lines’ of a well written plot to determine exactly what the author was trying to say without reading the Cliff Notes. In open discussions about the story, as with ancient forms of storytelling, the audience became a part of the story, each individual bringing their own interpretation to the plot.
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