All SEO Is Local, Especially for Doctor Marketing

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Right now is about the time you’re going to see a lot of 2014 trends articles and blogs. You’ll see those familiar keywords such as patient satisfaction, consumer expectations, segmentation, fragmentation, real-time marketing, mobile, social, engagement, and big data, among many others. The overwhelming thought to consider is that in healthcare marketing, it all matters at all times, whether it’s 2013 or 2015, the bones of healthcare marketing strategies remain fairly consistent.
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Conversational Healthcare Marketing

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The days of one-way, one-sided promotional brand messaging are over. In reality, they’ve been over for some time now in the opinions of many expert Quaintise healthcare marketers. With the remarkable and various brand messaging channels available today providing multiple consumer interactions, if you are still adhering to a one-sided conversation you have already fallen light-years behind. Let’s take a look at where your healthcare marketing campaigns should be in 2013.


Conversational Healthcare Marketing

Despite the fact that social media has been practically overly-publicized, many physicians and healthcare providers continue to ignore the obvious. Whether it’s fear of the unknown, an unwillingness to progress with the ebbs and flows of healthcare marketing, or downright stubbornness, conversational marketing is here and many in the healthcare industry are choosing to ignore it.
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Physicians – How Important Are Local Reviews?

I’m very excited to be covering this subject today for Quaintise! Regarding Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, localization is HUGE, especially for physicians, and yet it is still an overlooked and often unrealized SEO strategy. Acquiring local citations, reviews and testimonials should be an integral piece of your overall SEO puzzle – increasing your brand visibility, your brand credibility, and your online reputation as a local expert physician.


Local Citations

Local citations in the SEO realm are basically sites like Yellow Pages, Yelp, Healthgrades, etc – sites that list your business, showing your business Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP). There are literally thousands of citation websites around the web, each one showing pertinent information regarding your business. These citation sites show up in Google search rankings, Bing and Yahoo search rankings, and all over mobile search rankings, which is why it’s crucial that you systematically go through each and every one of the sites to correct any NAP misinformation.


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More Users Go Online to Search for Healthcare Information

When the Pew Research Center releases new online data, Quaintise pays attention, especially when the online data is directly related to healthcare marketing and the medical industry in general. The newest study released last night is not much of a shocker to the medical marketing industry, but it does deserve some fundamental attention.


72% Of U.S. Web Users Searched Specifically for Health-Related Information


That is a remarkable number, when you think about it. Online medical marketing is a HUGE industry, and websites like MayoClinic and WebMD are eating these numbers up. Traditionally, health-related websites have always been a popular pull on Google, but this new research is showing just how important securing top rankings is.

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Online Marketing Tips for Success

The internet provides limitless possibilities for business both great and small. From the mom-and-pop restaurant down the street to the high-rise medical building in downtown Los Angeles, building a brand presence online is essential, and manageable. While the nuts and bolts of increasing brand awareness online is best left to LA marketing firms like Quaintise, there are a few discussions that you might want to consider having with your partners regarding simply getting started.

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Five Steps to Medical Search Marketing Success

While we enlist many different forms of advertising and marketing for clients in nearly every industry, medical marketing is something that Quaintise has always had a keen knowledge of. Every industry is distinctive, and requires unique marketing strategies that not only cater to the industry, but the client’s brand as well. Medical marketing comes with unique challenges, but also provides amazing opportunities. In this case, I’d like to dive into medical marketing online, and the simple steps that you can take to increase online brand awareness.


Medical Search Marketing

With many years in the medical search marketing field, we’ve become familiar with the marketing techniques that provide the highest results. Every brand, no matter what industry, needs to increase their online brand awareness to amplify their overall brand presence. With an integrated marketing plan, online strategies such as search marketing, online reputation management, social media marketing are essential. The 5 steps provided below are the foundation to a great online presence.
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