Understanding Your Target Demographic with Facebook’s New Graph Search

from Facebook.com

Facebook Graph Search for healthcare marketing

Since it’s universal roll-out yesterday, Facebook’s new Graph Search has been all the talk of marketers and techies in the healthcare marketing industry. Of course, as early adopters of Facebook’s Graph Search, I’ve been playing with it’s capabilities for almost a month now, gaining a pretty good grasp of how instrumental this new feature can be for healthcare social media marketers. What is Facebook Graph Search? How can you use it for healthcare marketing? Let the experts at Quaintise walk you through what we’ve already learned with our already extended use of this awesome new Facebook feature.
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Healthcare Marketing: Bigger is not Always Better

Big data is the future of healthcare marketing, but big data does not mean bigger marketing, it simply means smarter marketing. Bigger data does not necessarily mean advertising on a grander scale, or marketing through even more platforms with multiple strategies, it means advertising and marketing more efficiently to meet the audience on a more targeted level.


What is Big Data?

First off, let’s define what ‘big data’ really is. It’s a marketing term that has become quote ‘trendy’ in certain circles, and understanding exactly what it means can help a great deal.

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An Interesting Look At Integration and Fragmentation

I came across an interesting article in Bloomberg Business Week this morning regarding how fragmentation is ‘shredding what once was a healthy marketing budget,’ and how integrated marketing can help you overcome these budget defaults. As a renowned Scottsdale marketing firm, fragmentation is part of the process and a key element in targeting your audience and running successful advertising and marketing campaigns, but so is integration.

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Understanding Your Audience Through Segmentation

Understanding your target audience is crucial to building a successful marketing plan, and thus translating that plan into effective action. Whether the campaign is in Phoenix advertising, Scottsdale public relations, or online media, appreciating your audience and what they’re capable of is key to unlocking success. However, in order to appreciate your audience, you and your advertising firm must truly understand every detail about them.


Who Is Your Target Audience?


This is an extremely broad question, and yet one that should be taken into extreme consideration. But let’s break this one down a bit. When going big with advertising campaigns, you have to focus on the small details, and this is a perfect marketing example. Don’t overlook things like age, gender, ethnicity, location, even interests and hobbies, likes and dislikes.


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