Submitting the Perfect Media Pitch

Any business, whether it’s big or small, can gain a lot from just a little press coverage. As the old saying goes, no press is bad press, and while that’s true in most cases, it’s always better to have the press on your side when building your brand. Developing and cultivating relationships can take time, yet can lead to big things in terms of press coverage. Scottsdale public relations firms who have already established relationships with the press are a great place to seek help in media coverage management.


Developing Relationships with the Press

If you have the press on your side, no matter what the story is you will get the benefit of the doubt, which is huge in terms of branding. In order to build a healthy relationship with members of the media, start slow and be consistent. Think of this process as the Tortoise and the Hare. While the Hare will race to meet every media member available and rush into conversations about press releases and press coverage, the Tortoise will cultivate these relationships before making a business move.


Don’t go after every member of the media in the beginning. As with building links for Search Engine Marketing, or strategically planning your advertising platforms, seek out members of the media who have written or spoken about your industry, who have a well received audience of their own, and who have good reputations. As with seeking out social media influencers, if this person is going to represent your brand you’ll need them to be perfect for the job.


Everyone who is in the business of business doesn’t do something for nothing, if you catch my drift, so offer assistance and friendship to this member of the media that you’re building a relationship with. If they ask a favor of you, try to make it happen, and don’t ask for anything in return until you’ve established a strong relationship.


Pitching to the Media

Once you’ve cultivated that relationship, over a matter of weeks or months, and you feel that relationship is strong enough, offer them your story. One of the main reasons that so many business professionals turn to public relations firms is simply due to the fact that those individuals will have spent many years building relationships with members of the press.


Even if you have a strong relationship with the reporter and feel comfortable enough to pitch a story, don’t expect that reporter to jump on it if it’s just like everyone else’s story. As with everything else in advertising and marketing, you must be creative and unique. Your story is your brand, and it must convey the right message.


Understand what questions that reporter will ask before you pitch the story. Questions such as who will this story appeal to? How will that audience react? Make sure that you do your due diligence to have all of the answers the reporter will need. By making their life easier and having the information, you will have a greater chance of getting your story told by the media.


Getting reporters and members of the media to accept and ‘run with the story’ is difficult, which is why many leave it to public relations firms who have years of experience with this process. However, it can be done with enough time, dedication, patience and energy.

Getting Social with Public Relations

Any Scottsdale public relations professional will gladly point out how useful social media has become, but when you ask them to explain their social media PR techniques and strategies, they’ll tell you ‘it’s a trade secret.’ Unfortunately, for business owners and medical professionals trying to break into the world of marketing and PR, that’s the last thing that you want to hear. So, today we’ve broken it down to 5 easy steps that you should be following in order to create a buzz, as they say, with PR in social media.


1. Think ReTweets, Likes and Shares – As far as Twitter goes, ReTweets are like money in the bank. The same goes for Likes and Shares on Facebook. As we’ve mentioned in a few of our social media articles, if you can create a press release headline that is “tweetable” and “likable,” your audience will truly do promotion work for you.

2. Connect With the Top Dogs – Social media is all about influence. Whether you’re a Scottsdale public relations firm or a New York PR guru, if you don’t have influence on Twitter and Facebook, you don’t have much of a say how your press release is going to be syndicated by the masses. Connect with those social media individuals who have a grasp of your industry, or a large hold over media in general. Share information with them, create conversations, and hopefully become friends. Sometimes all it takes is one Tweet or Like from a user with a strong social media presence to boost your press release into the stratosphere.
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Marketing in Healthcare – The Digitally Optimized Press Release

A press release can do more for your business than you probably realize, especially in our advanced digital era. Technology can take a simple few paragraphs, and, if optimized effectively and marketed towards the right audience, can blow them into a traffic generating juggernaut. Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have created new opportunities for medical marketing and PR agencies to reach a fresh audience and connect on a more local level.


So, what does social media have to do with your medical press release? More than you ever knew. Medical marketing in Arizona is all about relating to your target audience. In order to relate, you must inherently know your audience, know the demographics, the interests, the topics that spark discussions and create social “chatter.” A press release in the digital era must not only be optimized for that audience, but optimized for search engine visibility as well as social media dialogue.


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