Visual Marketing – The Key to ALL Forms of Health Care Marketing


Healthcare Marketing

The days of optimizing your marketing efforts strictly for Google, Yahoo and Bing are over. In today’s health care marketing environment, it’s all about visual marketing, and you better be good. According to this year’s Social Media Marketing Industry Report conducted by Social Media Examiner, the future of marketing is visual, at least according to the 3,000 marketers who were surveyed for the report.
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Physicians, Are You Taking Advantage of Pinterest? You Should Be

pinterest for physicians

For physicians, social media is terrifying. For marketers and advertisers, social media is a goldmine still in its infancy. And while Facebook and Twitter are the popular platforms for conversation, it’s Pinterest and Instagram that are truly shaking things up, producing results that are sometimes hard to believe.
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Is Facebook Turning Into Pinterest?

Since the dawn of Facebook, photos have been the most commonly used form of status update. From crazy college party photos to family photos and vacation photos, sharing photos on Facebook has always been somewhat of a staple of not only Facebook marketing, but personal Facebook use. In 2012, 250 million photos are uploaded per day on Facebook. Perhaps that’s why Pinterest has become so popular, and why Facebook is starting to look more and more like this photo-sharing giant.
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