3 Steps to Exceed Your Patient’s Expectation


Every experience your patient’s have with your brand is an opportunity to impress; to exceed their expectations by focusing on the details that the practice down the street is overlooking. It’s not always about the numbers; how many patients you’ve seen in a day or have booked for tomorrow. Successful healthcare marketing involves going above and beyond what you’re expected to do, but creating the greatest patient experience you can.
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Three Reputation Marketing Elements to Get Right Now

physician reputation management

Your target audience knows when you’re naughty, and knows when your nice. As we come into the holiday season, it’s interesting to note that it’s not only old Kris Kringle who holds the list, it’s also each and every potential patient who you are targeting with healthcare marketing and advertising. Never forget how smart your audience is.

Reputation Management

Within 30 seconds, your potential patients can see how many reviews you have, what topics you talk about on Facebook, when your last blog was posted, as well as the services you offer and your location. Another quick click of the mouse will show them what insurance you accept. Insurance, location and reputation are the three main factors that will drive the decisions of a potential new patient.
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Data-Driven Healthcare Marketing Strategies that Will Increase Results

Big Data in Healthcare Marketing

Driving the most success with healthcare marketing campaigns begins with a clear goal. It’s really that simple, and yet that complicated. Your goal must be sharp, well-defined, and ultimately purposeful. In doctor marketing, a well-defined goal becomes the driver, and all campaign strategies seem to fall into place. Your healthcare marketing team, like that at Quaintise, needs to have a shared vision with our staff that connects at the goal.  Here’s how you make it all happen…
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New Physician Welcome Packets – You’re Doing It Wrong

market research

Do your patients watch Dr. Oz? Do they enjoy The Doctors as well? How about shows like The Biggest Loser or read Runners Magazine? If you know these details of your patient’s interests, you can develop incredibly targeted ad campaigns on Facebook. Let Quaintise take you on a little trip through some of the Facebook Advertising secrets of the trade.


Understanding Your Audience – The Red Tape

As the title of this article states, most physicians and specialists do not have the correct forms for their patients to fill out. Welcome forms are pretty standard, including medical history, insurance information, and some of the most personal questions that some can think to answer. But, they are missing some key ingredients to assist in a physician’s overall healthcare marketing campaign.

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Positive Vibes Going Viral for Physicians on Facebook

healthcare marketing on facebook

I’m sure you’ve seen them – those Facebook posts from happy customers explaining a recent amazing experience at a local restaurant or grocery store. I came across one today that was posted by a restaurant-goer on the Facebook Wall of a Chili’s. It was adorable, emotional and inspiring, and it garnered nearly 130,000 Likes, 30,000 Shares, and hundreds of Comments. Stories like this touch people, and do far more for your healthcare marketing campaign than any paid advertisement ever could.


So, how do you make this happen for your practice? Follow these easy steps:
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Physicians – Have You Googled Yourself Lately?

reputation management

At Quaintise, one of the most common concerns that we hear from potential clients is, “I don’t’ even want to know what’s out there on Google about me.” It’s a relevant fear. For physicians, the healthcare marketing field has changed so dramatically in the past few years that, while they know that they must manage their online reputation, they’re terrified of actually doing it. But that’s ok. That’s where Quaintise comes into the picture.


Step one to reputation management is establishing yourself online. But guess what? That’s already been done for you! Your patients, as well as online medical resources and doctor-search-sites have already established your online presence. You are everywhere already — on Healthgrades, Vitals, ZocDoc, Yelp, and probably a hundred more directories. So, fret now about getting started, it’s already been started for you.
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Should Physicians be Utilizing Facebook?

At Quaintise, we understand that as social media tools become ubiquitous with healthcare marketing and advertising, fears will increase as to their true purpose and possibilities. These tools (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) are synonymous with big brands such Coca Cola, Starbucks, Ford, Red Bull and even Disney, but are also making waves for medical organizations such as Cleveland Clinic and WebMD. And as social media tools have become a pivotal piece of the entire healthcare marketing puzzle, it’s our job at Quaintise to quell any fears that our physicians and specialists might have.


Personal vs Professional Page

An aspect of social media that many physicians and specialists often overlook is the line between professional and personal. While Facebook does have guidelines for setting up multiple accounts under the same name, it does allow you to set up a professional presence as well as a personal one. Our healthcare marketing experts do not touch your personal profile and highly suggest that you do not respond to personal friend requests from patients or personal messages. All questions, concerns and friend requests need to be dealt with on a professional level, directly from your professional page.

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Healthcare Marketing to Improve the Patient Experience

healthcare marketing for patient success

For a healthcare marketing firm, whether you’re in LA or Scottsdale, one of your ultimate goals is to improve the patient experience through social media, print materials, video and more. By improving the patient experience with your client’s brand, you can turn patients into fans and brand advocates. However, with the implementation of Obamacare’s ‘pay-for-performance’ measure, increasing a positive patient experience is no longer simply an aspect of healthcare marketing and advertising, it’s an aspect of financial necessity.


Pay-for-Performance and Healthcare Marketing

EASYreferrals.com points out how tricky the idea of pay-for-performance can become in an industry where “patient satisfaction greatly depends on patient health, diagnosis and medical outcomes, and is not always contingent on how friendly the staff was.

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Why Every Physician Needs A Social Presence

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are more than just something to do in your spare time, they are essential in the world of medical marketing. Building your business brand on social networks is a key ingredient to increasing your overall search engine rankings.


For quite some time, search engine experts and medical marketing consultants had an inherent feeling the social media played a role in their overall search rankings, and yet no one could prove this for sure. However, in December of 2010 the two biggest search engines confirmed this feeling in an interview with Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land.


In this interview, associates from Bing and Google both established the fact that “social authority…carries much more weight,” and that this weight is “used as a signal in organic and news rankings.” This was huge for medical marketing consultants, and the suggestion of having a Facebook and Twitter Page became a complete necessity.


Facebook and Twitter for Each Physician

While having a corporate Facebook and Twitter Page is desirable, having a personal page for each physician within the practice is highly recommended as a social media best practice. While this might be easier for smaller offices where general rules of engagement can be easily laid out, larger practices can benefit from this technique.


With each physician having their own social profile comes the advantage of more links, more discussions, more availability, greater connection with patients and potential patients, and ultimately a greater online influence. Physicians can connect with patients directly, interact with their community, get to know local businesses and non-profits, and create a personal connection with existing patients.


When each physician within the practice has their own social profile, the entire business brand has more opportunity to grow. For example, if each physician were to post one blog a week, imagine the amount of content that would be added to the site with a limited amount of work. If each of those physicians posted that blog to their Facebook and Twitter accounts the amount of click-throughs each week would raise dramatically.


If your medical practice has a small social presence and you’re looking to increase your brand, consider getting each and every physician, nurse and assistant on Facebook.