3 Steps to Exceed Your Patient’s Expectation


Every experience your patient’s have with your brand is an opportunity to impress; to exceed their expectations by focusing on the details that the practice down the street is overlooking. It’s not always about the numbers; how many patients you’ve seen in a day or have booked for tomorrow. Successful healthcare marketing involves going above and beyond what you’re expected to do, but creating the greatest patient experience you can.
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Capitalizing on a Patient’s Healthcare Decision Making Pathway

Patient Healthcare Decision Pathway

As a physician, your online reputation is probably one of your most important marketing details. The simple act of identifying, researching and selecting a family doctor or specialist has changed dramatically over the years, and while word of mouth is still one of the strongest sells, digital access has become the new norm in determining the right doctor for individual patients.  The normal path to physician selection has shifted to internet research, reviews, comparison pricing, social media influence, and locality.
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Meeting Hospital Goals by Improving the Patient Experience in 5 Easy Steps

improving the patient experience

There are very few medical organizations in the world that understand the true meaning and effectiveness, and put it into action, as the Cleveland Clinic does. While many healthcare marketing firms try to convey the importance of patient experience and transcend that importance into action, it is a rare feat when it does, in fact, get accomplished. While many healthcare marketing agencies get lost in the strategies of advertising success, at Quaintise our team of marketing experts not only help physicians to define patient experience, but implement strategies that can improve it.
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