OB/GYN Marketing – Having an Authentic Brand Message

OB/GYN Marketing is very different than many other medical marketing disciplines, simply because the target audience is so specific and the topic can be a little bit delicate. You don’t want to overstep any subtle boundaries with your content and social media efforts, and yet you must compete in the world of medical marketing by growing your online brand. So, what do you do?


Authenticity in Brand Marketing


When it comes to the sensitive issues that OB/GYN’s and their patients face, the absolute greatest marketing strategy that you can employ is complete authenticity. A genuine conversation, blog, interview or video will do far more for your brand image than a hundred technical, informational articles. These technical, informational marketing articles are incredibly important to establish your OB/GYN practice as the most knowledgeable in Arizona, but an honest and genuine presence will increase brand trust, and thus increase referrals.


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OB/GYN Branding and Marketing Effectively

Do you know where the target market for your patient base is? Who are your patients and how far do they travel to get to your OB/GYN office? Is your practice the only game in town or are there myriad medical choices? Because of the competition in the medical industry your practice may face challenges in its attempts to stay ahead of the competition. To remain viable your practice must not only retain current patients, but draw in new ones.


If you find that your patient base is dwindling, now is the time to step back and determine the reasons why. Is there more competition now that there was before? Has your patient base aged-out of your services? Is your office no longer in the business center of your community? Does your practice accept all of the health care plans and programs that it did in the past? After you’ve looked into the reasons your patient base might not be as strong as it once was you can address it and implement a marketing strategy.


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