How Pay-for-Performance is Changing Healthcare Marketing

healthcare marketing and the patient experience

Just as a Starbucks patron has a unique brand experience with their local Starbucks, a patient will have a unique patient experience with a hospital or family physician. The patient experience has become a coined term for many medical organizations seeking to improve their overall brand image. Healthcare marketing success is based on the principle of brand growth and increasing brand equity for physicians, specialists and hospitals. But with the intentions behind the Pay-for-Performance measure in the Affordable Care Act, the patient experience becomes more than simply a coined phrase but a way to secure funding.


What is the Patient Experience?

Defining the patient experience depends on who you ask. Physicians might point out the effectiveness of medical treatment, surgery or recovery, while the patient might point to the kindness of the staff, the availability of the physicians, the promptness of the location, or how accessible they were.

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Healthcare Marketing to Improve the Patient Experience

healthcare marketing for patient success

For a healthcare marketing firm, whether you’re in LA or Scottsdale, one of your ultimate goals is to improve the patient experience through social media, print materials, video and more. By improving the patient experience with your client’s brand, you can turn patients into fans and brand advocates. However, with the implementation of Obamacare’s ‘pay-for-performance’ measure, increasing a positive patient experience is no longer simply an aspect of healthcare marketing and advertising, it’s an aspect of financial necessity.


Pay-for-Performance and Healthcare Marketing points out how tricky the idea of pay-for-performance can become in an industry where “patient satisfaction greatly depends on patient health, diagnosis and medical outcomes, and is not always contingent on how friendly the staff was.

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