Marketing in Healthcare – The Digitally Optimized Press Release

A press release can do more for your business than you probably realize, especially in our advanced digital era. Technology can take a simple few paragraphs, and, if optimized effectively and marketed towards the right audience, can blow them into a traffic generating juggernaut. Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have created new opportunities for medical marketing and PR agencies to reach a fresh audience and connect on a more local level.


So, what does social media have to do with your medical press release? More than you ever knew. Medical marketing in Arizona is all about relating to your target audience. In order to relate, you must inherently know your audience, know the demographics, the interests, the topics that spark discussions and create social “chatter.” A press release in the digital era must not only be optimized for that audience, but optimized for search engine visibility as well as social media dialogue.


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