Making Your Brand More Social – Don’t Be Scared

Healthcare Marketing Company Los Angeles

Just the other day we discussed the importance of keeping things simple in a complicated healthcare world. Today, I want you to think about keeping things social – transforming your healthcare website into a social powerhouse.

The idea of getting social with your healthcare marketing probably scares the pants off of you. But, if you’re working with the talented team at Quaintise, you should be excited about all of the amazing opportunities that social media has to offer any healthcare professional.
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Keep it Simple…You Know the Rest – Healthcare Marketing is Most Effective When Simplified

marketing to millennials

In an era where everything is digital, even our realities are augmented, healthcare marketing agencies easily lose sight of what’s important – motivating and inspiring patients to take action. Between social media marketing, video marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, and multiple forms of advertising, the patient can easily get lost in the mix, and the ultimate goal of every campaign can easily get muddied with too much stuff. Quaintise professionals have noticed a change in the healthcare marketing industry from patient-centric advertising to baffling, unfocused advertising with no clear purpose.
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Healthcare Marketing and Millennials

marketing to millennials

Have you been marketing to millennials? What success have you seen in the healthcare marketing realm? Marketing to millennials, especially in healthcare, is rough going. It’s rough going for any industry simply because they are a tough demographic to fully understand, and yet they are the most important consumers right now because they are the single, largest demographic and largest generation in U.S. history!
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Healthcare Automation vs Healthcare Marketing Agencies

automated healthcare marketing

According the a recent blog on, the term “marketing automation” has had more Google searches in the beginning months of 2013 than it has at any other point over the past three years. What does that tell healthcare marketing agencies like Quaintise? It says – business owners want to add aspects of marketing, but want to keep a small budget while still having complete control.

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Start 2013 With a Great Story

In healthcare marketing, we often talk about turning yoru brand into a great story. Why? Because at Quaintise we believe the greatest stories are the ones that can withstand the test of time, connect emotionally with an audience, and convert ‘readers’ into brand advocates. A great story, woven throughout every platform that your brand utilizes, can turn a simple business into a memorable experience.


Here are some ideas to consider when piecing together your brand story for 2013:

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Set Your Goals and Charge Ahead

With so many changes coming to the healthcare industry over the course of the next few years, it’s natural to feel anxious about what the future holds for your medical practice. But the professionals at Quaintise wanted to offer some support and encouragement this holiday season; 2013 is going to be an amazing year! Find yourself a healthcare marketing agency in Los Angeles that can take your brand by the reigns and propel you into 2013 with rocket boosters! Head into 2013 with the confidence that Quaintise has your back.


Setting Goals for 2013

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, there is no better time than this very moment to start a brand audit. With a brand audit, Quaintise will take a look at many aspects of your campaigns over the past year. By taking an in-depth look at these campaigns, and your brand as a whole, we can determine the most effective, achievable, and revenue-generating goals for your healthcare brand and medical organization in 2013.

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Are You Analyzing the Correct Data?

Analytics are an aspect of healthcare marketing and SEO that cannot be ignored; to do so would be akin to running through a corn maze with a blindfold on. You know your ultimate goal is to get to the end of the maze, but you have no idea how to get there. Marketing agencies in Los Angeles and Scottsdale often tote their marketing practices, but tend to place analytics on the back burner until that end of the month report, when, in reality, it should be at the forefront of your operation.


How Well Did That Marketing Campaign Perform?

Healthcare marketing agencies need to ask themselves one key question when completing any marketing campaign, and it’s not the question posed above. Sure, you absolutely need to know how the campaigned performed, if the brand message was conveyed appropriately, if traffic on the site increased, etc. But the real question you need to be asking your marketing staff is “How did that campaign really go? Did the client see a Return on their Investment?”

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Healthcare Marketing to Improve the Patient Experience

healthcare marketing for patient success

For a healthcare marketing firm, whether you’re in LA or Scottsdale, one of your ultimate goals is to improve the patient experience through social media, print materials, video and more. By improving the patient experience with your client’s brand, you can turn patients into fans and brand advocates. However, with the implementation of Obamacare’s ‘pay-for-performance’ measure, increasing a positive patient experience is no longer simply an aspect of healthcare marketing and advertising, it’s an aspect of financial necessity.


Pay-for-Performance and Healthcare Marketing points out how tricky the idea of pay-for-performance can become in an industry where “patient satisfaction greatly depends on patient health, diagnosis and medical outcomes, and is not always contingent on how friendly the staff was.

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Marketing to Habits

In writing our previous piece of content regarding Apple’s recent court battle with Samsung, I ended the blog with this line; Apple has branded itself so incredibly well with regards to tablets that it is inherent in our minds to automatically look for iPads when talking about tablets, and it really got me thinking. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, however when you dive head first into behavioral marketing and branding, it’s easy to get sucked into the power behind brand marketing.
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Apple Loses Court Battle, Wins Marketing Numbers

As a Los Angeles marketing firm, we always have an eye on not only marketing trends, but what’s going on with patents and different court cases. Recently, Apple was hit hard when a British judge ruled that “Apple must run ads in the U.K. newspapers saying that Samsun Electronics didn’t copy designs for its iPad,” according to the Wall Street Journal. Apple is also required to post a ‘note’ on its website as well as magazines across the U.K. stating that Samsung did not copy the iPad. While Apple is working on its appeal, there might be some good news for Apple in this court decision based on some marketing research and interesting results.

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