5 Email Marketing Tips To Ensure Conversion Sucess

Healthcare Marketing Strategies Mobile

While the current healthcare marketing strategies of mobile and social media are all the rage, don’t let email marketing fall to far off track. Recent studies have shown that 91% of all consumers still check their email daily. Most importantly, according to EMarketer, email conversion rates are 3 times as high as social media conversion rates. Quaintise effectively utilizes email marketing, integrating email strategies with social media and content marketing.
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Television Advertising Is Not Dead, Just Evolving in Healthcare Marketing

tv advertising_healthcare marketing

Healthcare marketing and advertising has changed. There was a time when every marketing and ad problem was solved with a short, 30-second commercial on Prime Time TV, followed by perhaps a print ad in a local newspaper. The consumer was gripped by the advertisement and gave your business a call or purchased your product. While many forms of traditional marketing and advertising are still effective, the rub comes in when you consider what happens after the ad has run. That’s where Quaintise healthcare marketing expertise comes into the picture.
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The Fastest Growing Demographic on Facebook

seniors on facebook

Think seniors aren’t on Facebook? You could be thinking wrong, very wrong, and it could cost you and your healthcare marketing budget. According to Forbes.com, those 65 years and older are changing: they are living longer, are more active, and becoming increasing literate online. In healthcare marketing, where seniors are a very large demographic for many of our clients, it’s important not to forget how important they are to the overall bottom line.
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Mobile Marketing Trends of the Future – Now

We’ve been spending a lot of time on the subject of mobile marketing here at Quaintise, and it’s for one main reason; mobile marketing is the future. Yes, as a reputable Scottsdale marketing firm, we take pride in our expert abilities in ‘traditional’ advertising such as print, banner ads, radio and TV, but mobile marketing is the next big thing and, as always, we’re one step ahead of the pack.

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Advertising is NOT Dead

Advertising is Dead, and So Is the Customer was the headline on CNN Business this week. The headline didn’t get a lot of attention because we’ve all heard that line before. Advertising is dead, print marketing is dead, radio is dead; they’re all considered dinosaurs in the age of ‘real-time’ marketing and brand campaigns. The customer connection is no longer associated with one-dimensional, ‘traditional’ advertising but with engagement and interactions. So what’s next? What’s the future of advertising if traditional media is dead?


Integrated Advertising Revisited

Any Scottsdale advertising firm will tell you that traditional advertising is not dead, it’s just used in a different way. Everything must evolve, and advertising methods are no exception. Though the same so-called ‘dinosaur’ platforms such as print and radio are still being used, they are being used in a far more creative and integrated way.

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Integrated Advertising, Don’t Be Afraid to Go Big

“We can’t stuff the genie back in the bottle, and wishing it would all slow down is also not a viable strategy, so how do we compete against a seemingly infinite universe of competitors?” – Don Meek, EVP/Tribune Digital at Tribune Company


Integrating your brand through every medium that you chose to utilize for advertising is the answer to this question, and at Quaintise we are experts at integrated advertising here in Arizona. Integrated advertising, also called integrated marketing, is the idea that your brand message and theme must transcend into every aspect of your campaign, from your website and social media efforts, to your promotional materials, signage, even employee attire. All aspects of your integrated marketing campaign must be seamless and symmetrical.


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