Facebook Audience Insights – An Inside Look

Facebook Audience Insights

This morning at approximately 10:00am, Arizona Time, I was handed a gift – access to Facebook Audience Insights and an wealth of information on each of our Quaintise client Facebook Page Audience demographics. While this feature is slowly being rolled out to most Facebook Admins, from what I’ve understood so far I am one of the lucky to have it so early.
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Conformity Kills – The Secret to Social Media Marketing for Physicians


I came across a very interesting article this morning on FoxBusiness.com, and couldn’t wait to share it with all of our Quaintise agency team members and blog visitors. I quite often talk about the ‘one size fits all’ social media marketing mentality that dooms physicians and healthcare organizations – the mentality that is only perpetuated and maintained by social media specialists to essentially make a name for themselves. It can be a bit infuriating for those of us in the social media marketing industry who don’t care so much about the name but care more about client’s success.
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A BIG Facebook Update Physicians Should Be Aware Of

facebook healthcare marketing

There has been a trend on Facebook over the past year to increase engagement by literally asking for Likes, Comments and Shares. This technique, called Like-Baiting by Facebook, has been so successful that morally unethical Facebook pages have taken the technique and transformed it into a way to beat Facebook’s algorithm. Physicians, if you have fallen into the trap of asking for engagement, this article is something you’ll want to pay close attention to.
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5 Ways Physicians Can Integrate Social Media with Existing Marketing


By now you know how important social media marketing is for your practice. Beyond simply driving traffic to your website, you should also know by now that Facebook can be used to collect Big Data and narrow down your audience to most effective segment. But, if you’ve already been running a healthcare marketing campaign how do you go about integrating something as complicated as social media into your running strategies? Let the pro’s at Quaintise walk you through it.
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3 Ways to Maximize Your Facebook Advertising

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Facebook Advertising has come a long way over just the past few months. With Custom Website Audiences, improved metrics and greater targeting options, the possibilities are endless. At Quaintise, Facebook Advertising plays a large role in our full-scale healthcare marketing campaigns. I wanted to share with you three of the strategies that work wonderfully in advanced Facebook Advertising.
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Supercharge Your Facebook Engagement with These 4 Tips

facebook healthcare marketing

The power of Facebook is limitless, especially for physicians. When it comes to increasing the visibility of your brand, your practice or your hospital, there are few avenues that allow for such hyper focused targeting and messaging.

When you take a moment to look at the healthcare statistics related to social media, the numbers are truly staggering:
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Mayo Clinic is a Rockstar on Social Media, But Not For The Reasons You Probably Think

healthcare marketing

When I think of social media and healthcare, two big names come to mind – The Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Clinic. These are the powerhouse of social media and healthcare. They’re doing everything right, and for all the right reasons, which makes it even more amazing. Both of these massive organizations came into social media for one purpose, and it’s probably not what you’re thinking….
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Bridging the Gap Between Mobile and Desktop

healthcare mobile marketing

According to stats, mobile usage will outpace desktop usage within the next year. In fact, at the end of 2013 there were 1.3 billion smartphones in use and 1.6 billion PCs in use. And while mobile usage is about to surpass every barrier, it’s mobile marketing that has yet to catch up. But, as with any marketing medium in healthcare, things take a while to get moving.
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Is Facebook Right For Your Business?

Social Media Management

When determining how to spend your marketing budget, the road can get a little bumpy. There’s always print, radio and banner ads, but then there’s mobile placement, SEO, public relations, local advertising, video marketing, and social media. That’s to name just a few. How do you know where to invest your budget? How do you know if Facebook is the route you want to take? The answer is simple: where is your target audience?
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