Visual Marketing – The Key to ALL Forms of Health Care Marketing


Healthcare Marketing

The days of optimizing your marketing efforts strictly for Google, Yahoo and Bing are over. In today’s health care marketing environment, it’s all about visual marketing, and you better be good. According to this year’s Social Media Marketing Industry Report conducted by Social Media Examiner, the future of marketing is visual, at least according to the 3,000 marketers who were surveyed for the report.
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Creative Office Spaces Breed Productivity

Do you know what Youtube, Google, Redbull and Facebook have in common; creative offices that elicit employee productivity. No matter what industry you’re in, it can be tough to find the right people and keep them engaged in your brand. Whether it’s staring at a computer for ten hours a day, greeting customers over and over again, or counting money, every industry is faced with this counter-productivity problem. You want your employees to be a part of your brand, a part of the brand experience, offering creative ideas and getting involved in the entire process. A great way to encourage employee productivity is to provide a little something different in terms of office space.
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Managing the Creative Process

Managing your team’s creative process can be daunting. Graphic artists, advertising professionals and promotional firms can all be extremely passionate about their work, and are sometimes hard to reign in. When it’s your business, your brand, and ultimately your money on the line, it’s important to understand how to maintain control of the creative process.


Creative Minds Don’t Think Alike

Most imaginative individuals have their own perspective on art, graphics, design, promotion and marketing. Whether your business marketing is done in-house, or you’ve selected a respected Phoenix advertising firm, you will still need to retain control over the creative process and these often free-willed creative minds. While genius in their own rights, more often than not the creative process can become sidetracked from too many projects running at once, to many directions and paths being traveled, and not enough organization. This is where you, as the business owner, comes into the picture.
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