Are You An Influencer, or a Blogger? 5 Tips To Lead the Way

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If your practice, or your physicians, do not have a blog and social media accounts…well, let’s just say you could be living under a rock. Content Marketing, content development, content management, or whatever you’d like to title it, moves from the blog to social media integration. It’s a strategy that works in health care marketing, if implemented properly and effectively. But, it’s also a strategy that can denigrate your professional reputation online and lower patient expectations.

So, let’s find out if you’re an influencer or just a blogger….
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Capitalizing on Digital Doctor-Patient Communication in 2014 – Key Statistics

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Doctors and patients don’t communicate well, at least according to a recent poll released at the World Diabetes Congress of the International Diabetes Federation in Australia. The trouble with the perceived results is the simple fact that a better doctor-patient relationship leads to better care, better outcomes, and increased patient satisfaction. But according to the study, only 29% of polled patients said their healthcare teams asked their opinion on treatment regimens.

In addition to the findings was the fact that 84% of polled healthcare professionals said it would be helpful if their patients prepared questions in advance of the consultation.
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5 Tips for Getting Started with Content Marketing in Healthcare

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Content marketing is more than a buzz word in healthcare, it’s a marketing strategy that has grown to become quite effective and advantageous for small and large medical practices. From the two-doctor practice Quaintise manages in Phoenix, Arizona to the 35-doctor practice Quaintise manages in Los Angeles, California, content marketing is a beneficial and extremely valuable tool for marketing success. With that said, recent research is showing just how limited the healthcare marketing scope is in relation to this effective strategy.
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Telling A Story – Visual Content Marketing in Healthcare

Since the dawn of healthcare marketing, it’s been a challenge to get the right-brained marketers and the left-brained marketers on the same page. And many times that discrepancy shows through in healthcare marketing campaigns, where the words and the visuals are not seamless. It’s a dichotomy that for generations has eluded the most skilled businessmen, combining text and graphics to create a visual image with marketing purpose, ‘pop’ as they say, and grabs the attention of your audience.
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Illustrating the Importance of a Physician Blog – Getting Physicians on Board

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As a healthcare marketing expert, you understand the importance of developing powerful, purposeful content intended to drive traffic and convert readers into clients. As a physician, the philosophy of ‘getting published’ in major journals has been an aspiring goal since medical school. These two concepts are not that far removed from one another. One serves to increase web conversions by presenting your expertise on any number of healthcare related subjects. The latter’s objective is to establish your medical experience as unique and exceptional, thus ascertaining you as an authority in your field.
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Healthcare Marketing Content Campaign – Client Study

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Creating an entire content marketing campaign is more than just posting a blog and sharing that blog on Facebook and Twitter – it’s about focusing all of your creative, advertising and healthcare marketing attention onto one topic and making that one brand message, that one discussion, go viral. For the purpose of this article, let’s focus on a content marketing campaign that we have launched for Skin Cancer Awareness Month with a very special client Family Practice Specialists.

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Physicians – Why You Shouldn’t Write Your Own Content

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Who is the hero or heroine of your storytelling? Who is the brand champion? If it’s your brand itself, your business, even yourself, you’re running your content marketing campaign all wrong. The key to your storytelling and content marketing success is your audience, so why not make them the star?


In healthcare marketing, there are many aspects to successful campaigns, but as content marketing continues to become a paramount strategy, it’s important that you understand the best practices.
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Content Marketing – 2013’s Buzz Phrase

Content marketing is HUGE right now. It’s been the “word du jour,” as calls it, for more than a few months. And in healthcare marketing, content is still king. With the ability to serve multiple purposes and show the client tangible progress, there really is no wonder why it is the “word du jour.” However, just because every marketing agency in Los Angeles says they are experts at content marketing does not mean they’re doing it right.


How To Market Content in the Healthcare Industry

In reality, content marketing is not a complicated strategy. If done effectively you can reach a greater audience, increase your brand awareness, drive more traffic to your product or services, and ultimately get more patients through your front door. That is the definitive goal, right?

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Medical Content Marketing Tips for 2013

If you want to build a remarkable brand presence online in 2013, you’ll need to refocus some of your healthcare marketing efforts towards content. Content comes in many forms, and in marketing it an mean a branded photo, a Facebook update, a Tweet, a blog, an article, a banner ad, or a press release. All forms of content marketing will need to be utilized in 2013 in order to cultivate a strong brand presence.


You no doubt have many questions regarding healthcare marketing with content, and that’s why we’re here! Start 2013 with a bang; check out the tips below.

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Content Marketing Strategies in Healthcare

Content marketing is, and realistically always has been, a dominating force behind SEO (search engine marketing). The phrase ‘Content is King’ truly holds water for Google, Yahoo and Bing, and every physician or specialists in the healthcare market should be taking full advantage of every benefit that content marketing has to offer. However, in order to do that on your own (should you choose not to use a healthcare marketing firm), you’ll need to understand some basic strategy aspects.


Basic Content Strategies

Below are some baseline aspects to content marketing that need to be comprehended and executed accordingly:

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