Brand Building – The Problem is the Solution

When starting a new business, or reevaluating what you’ve got, your first step should be analyzing your brand. A brand audit conducted by experienced Los Angeles marketing professionals can help you determine if your brand is getting the job done. Is your message clear? Is your brand message consistent? Is you brand message in line with your overall goal? Building a brand is simple; figure out the problem, find the solution and communicate that solution. Easy, right? Well, not always. Check out these brand building tips to get you on the right track.

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What Are Your Business Intentions?

If you haven’t heard of (Help a Reporter Out), it’s a superb resource for connecting journalists with expert sources. The site began nearly on accident, as many of these social resources do, by a former PR guru who had connections to everyone. By creating this site, he created one of the most popular, highly respected assets for journalists, and in the end sold it to a pretty hefty sum, or so they say. How did he do it?


His story is not so much about how he developed, or even how he grew it over time, it’s how he sold it. While many business owners spend time building their business with the sole purpose of selling it and moving onto the next, the owner of started it for the sole purpose of helping others. He didn’t go after advertisers, they came after him. He didn’t go after journalists or the expert sources, they flocked to his website. was, and still is, one of those ideas that really needs very little work; most of the advertising was simply through word of mouth.

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