Video Marketing – 10 Statistics Your Healthcare Ad Agency Needs to Know

Video Marketing Healthcare Los Angeles

What is the most ingenious aspect of Vine? It’s only 6 seconds, which absolutely forces brands and healthcare marketing agencies to think outside of the box, be unique, creative, innovative, and amazing in only 6 seconds. Video marketing within the healthcare industry is superlatively dependent upon ingenuity, innovation, and the ability to provoke emotion and interest from a tough audience. The stronger you can make your video message within a short time frame, the more successful that vide will become.
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Online Marketing Tips for Success

The internet provides limitless possibilities for business both great and small. From the mom-and-pop restaurant down the street to the high-rise medical building in downtown Los Angeles, building a brand presence online is essential, and manageable. While the nuts and bolts of increasing brand awareness online is best left to LA marketing firms like Quaintise, there are a few discussions that you might want to consider having with your partners regarding simply getting started.

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Why All Business Owners Should Function as Newpaper Editors

In a world where journalism ruled all forms of communication, where the newspaper was the only form of contact between the East and West, when an editor had the power to influence a city, state, even a nation with the power of the pen, ‘we the people’ staked entire lives on what was said in black and white. Back then, the newspaper was the only form of brand communication, and the editor-and-chief had more power than many city mayors.


Today, the power lies within every single business owner, small or large. Influence is no longer a result of media presence; today it’s a direct result of brand presence, and brand presence is created with content.

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What is Branded Content?

Branded content is a form of marketing that is custom created for your business message. Branded content is insightful, informational, targeted, and developed with a tone that matches your brand message. In the simplest terms, branded content is the written narrative of your business; the tried and true practice of conveying a message through well-built sentences, words that incite emotion and topics that communicate your business story.


The Pen is Mightier than the Sword


Your brand is your holy grail, and the written word is the crusade that travels through all channels to reach their goal. The goal, in this case, is wrapped in sales, leads, and overall influence. While a business brand must convey their message through a logo, videos, design, advertising, and PR, the ultimate narrative is told with words.

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