What is Your Color Palette Telling Your Patients?


Marketing is a visual medium; and while the talk of the town has been content marketing, content marketing without strong visual cues will not redeem on all of its promises. Visual branding is essential for branding your business, your messaging, and your content. Visual branding associates your business with good feelings, easy-to-remember optics, and, most importantly, emotions.

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Patients Control the Message, Are You Listening?

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Physicians are stubborn. Yes, I threw that right out there, but if you’re a physician, someone on a physician’s staff, or a marketing agency who works with physicians, you know this to be true. Keeping that trait in mind, imagine how slow health care marketers have been to realize that patients now run the show, not the physicians. It can be a difficult consciousness for physicians to recognize, but incredibly important.
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The High Cost of Ignoring Reputation Management Online

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You should never underestimate the cost of a poor reputation. – Forbes.com

If you’re not worried about digital reputation management, you’re about to receive a HUGE wake-up call. In the healthcare industry, reputation is everything, and to ignore it is to cost your practice in unimaginable ways.
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Simplifying the Healthcare Brand Experience in 3 Steps

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Brand marketing in healthcare is not just a catch phrase or a trend, it’s a reality that truly matters, and one that the professionals at Quaintise take incredibly seriously. Every company from every industry begins with the same basic ingredients: a product or service that the owner is passionate about (hopefully), a vision, and a desire to add something meaningful to your community. Every company form every industry faces the same challenge: getting the consumer, or patient, to buy into your passion and idea. That’s where Quaintise comes into play.
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Bridging the Gap Between Mobile and Desktop

healthcare mobile marketing

According to stats, mobile usage will outpace desktop usage within the next year. In fact, at the end of 2013 there were 1.3 billion smartphones in use and 1.6 billion PCs in use. And while mobile usage is about to surpass every barrier, it’s mobile marketing that has yet to catch up. But, as with any marketing medium in healthcare, things take a while to get moving.
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Why You Need a Healthcare Social Media Editorial Calendar

Healthcare Social Media Marketing

As Quaintise social media director, I started out being against editorial calendars. They went against everything that I believed was true about social media; spontaneity, trend-spotting and crowd-sourcing. If something popped up in the news or was trending and related to the client’s healthcare industry, I posted it. Social media calendars got in the way of productivity, or so I thought.
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Translating Real World Fans into Digital Advocates

Healthcare Marketing Strategies

The new year should bring with it a new realization of healthcare marketing strategies that will increase foot traffic and boost your ROI. One of those marketing strategies that should be at the top of your marketing plans is reputation management; a paramount step in getting and staying at the top of the search engine rankings on Google.
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Keep It Simple – The Healthcare Industry is a Mess, Simplify Your Marketing NOW

Healthcare Marketing Industry Los Angeles

In today’s complicated and often confusing world of healthcare marketing, often times the simplest ideas and most transparent physicians and offices will come out on top. From the Affordable Care Act to explaining complex treatment procedures, the current healthcare industry is a clutter of mixed messages. Right now, at this very moment, is the opportunity to forge ahead of competing physicians and specialists in your field and come out on top. Let Quaintise show you how:
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Three Reputation Marketing Elements to Get Right Now

physician reputation management

Your target audience knows when you’re naughty, and knows when your nice. As we come into the holiday season, it’s interesting to note that it’s not only old Kris Kringle who holds the list, it’s also each and every potential patient who you are targeting with healthcare marketing and advertising. Never forget how smart your audience is.

Reputation Management

Within 30 seconds, your potential patients can see how many reviews you have, what topics you talk about on Facebook, when your last blog was posted, as well as the services you offer and your location. Another quick click of the mouse will show them what insurance you accept. Insurance, location and reputation are the three main factors that will drive the decisions of a potential new patient.
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Five Facebook Campaigns That Will Boost Engagement And Increase Visibility

facebook marketing for physicians

Social media is limitless when it comes to increasing the visibility of your brand, your practice, even your hospital. According to Mayo Clinic’s Social Media Health Network, which keeps track of “health-related organizations actively using social networking sites and maintaining officially sponsored accounts,” there are currently 1,501 health-related organizations utilizing social media. If you’re medical practice resides in California, Florida, New York, Michigan, even Arizona, you’ve got a lot of competition. So, how do you stand out from the crowd? Quaintise has all the answers.

In the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area, there are approximately 54 hospitals. According to Mayo Clinic, 39 of those 54 hospitals are actively utilizing social media, from Facebook to Twitter and Youtube to LinkedIn.

In California, there a about 400 hospitals, and 103 of them are utilizing social media.

Healthcare Marketing Campaigns

We are huge fans of audience awareness, and when it comes to determining the best campaign for your healthcare practice, let your audience be your guide. Understanding their interests, their demographic, their hopes and dreams, will literally guide you to the campaign that will work best for your purpose.

    1. 1. Physician Live Chat:

      Patients and potential patients have questions – a lot of questions – and the best way to answer those questions while facilitating trust and credibility is with a Facebook Live Chat. Did you know that the single most searched topic on Google relates to health concerns? We believe that offering free advice in the form of a Live Chat alleviates fears about visiting the doctor, generates trust, improves a physician’s credibility, and ultimately gives many potential patients the reassurance they need to make their first appointment with you.

    1. 2. Birth Announcements:

      Everyone loves babies, right? Well, why not capitalize on that with a strategic healthcare marketing campaign aimed at new moms, expecting moms, and anyone who loves babies, especially if you’re an OB GYN. Have you ever walked through the offices of an OB GYN? Every office I’ve ever visited has dozens of birth announcements on bulletin boards throughout the halls. Families are proud of their new additions, and have no qualms about sharing their beautiful bundle of joy with the world. Give them that opportunity with a Facebook Tab dedicated to those birth announcements, as well as an Instagram hashtag directly associated with your brand and a Pinterest birth announcement board.

    1. 3. Run a Contest:

      This is a tricky, intricate strategy that, if not implemented correctly, can run a muck of your social media pages. However, if practiced with precision, a targeted social media contest can increase overall engagement.

    1. 4. Show Off:

      This should be done on every level for every healthcare-related organization. Acknowledge the good work you are doing at your practice or hospital. Take photos of your staff hard at work, show off any awards or positive HealthGrade reviews. The goal here is to be positive and excited about the work that you do, and invite others to join the enthusiasm.

  1. 5. Create a Community:

    I know what you’re thinking, Facebook is a community – a social community. You’d be right, but consider the idea of creating a community within a community. In 2011, the health insurance company Dovera (European) launched the “My Blood Group” campaign, basically multiple sub-Facebook pages connecting people based on their blood type. If there was a shortage of a certain blood type, the health insurance company could simply post to that specific Facebook Page Wall and ask for more donations. The campaign was a complete success, and the Red Cross ended up partnering with Dovera. How can you utilize a campaign by creating a community within a community? Partnering parents of twins or multiples? Creating communities for new dads? Developing groups for parents of autistic children? The possibilities are endless.

Marketing your medical practice or hospital on Facebook offers limitless opportunities in terms of Reach, Engagement, and increasing your brand visibility. Let the social media experts at Quaintise develop a targeted campaign for your brand.