Are You An Influencer, or a Blogger? 5 Tips To Lead the Way

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If your practice, or your physicians, do not have a blog and social media accounts…well, let’s just say you could be living under a rock. Content Marketing, content development, content management, or whatever you’d like to title it, moves from the blog to social media integration. It’s a strategy that works in health care marketing, if implemented properly and effectively. But, it’s also a strategy that can denigrate your professional reputation online and lower patient expectations.

So, let’s find out if you’re an influencer or just a blogger….
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Illustrating the Importance of a Physician Blog – Getting Physicians on Board

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As a healthcare marketing expert, you understand the importance of developing powerful, purposeful content intended to drive traffic and convert readers into clients. As a physician, the philosophy of ‘getting published’ in major journals has been an aspiring goal since medical school. These two concepts are not that far removed from one another. One serves to increase web conversions by presenting your expertise on any number of healthcare related subjects. The latter’s objective is to establish your medical experience as unique and exceptional, thus ascertaining you as an authority in your field.
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Blog, Post, Advertise – Rinse and Repeat

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When talking to prospective clients about the importance of Facebook, I like to utilize the phrase blog, post, advertise, and, of course, repeat. Content marketing and social media marketing in healthcare go hand-in-hand. You cannot successfully take full advantage of content marketing strategies without integrating social media; whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. With many healthcare marketing agencies questioning the current use of Facebook in marketing and advertising, the experts at Quaintise know that without social media marketing, you are limiting your brand’s incredible potential.
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Healthcare Marketing Content Campaign – Client Study

healthcare content marketing

Creating an entire content marketing campaign is more than just posting a blog and sharing that blog on Facebook and Twitter – it’s about focusing all of your creative, advertising and healthcare marketing attention onto one topic and making that one brand message, that one discussion, go viral. For the purpose of this article, let’s focus on a content marketing campaign that we have launched for Skin Cancer Awareness Month with a very special client Family Practice Specialists.

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Physicians – Why You Shouldn’t Write Your Own Content

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Who is the hero or heroine of your storytelling? Who is the brand champion? If it’s your brand itself, your business, even yourself, you’re running your content marketing campaign all wrong. The key to your storytelling and content marketing success is your audience, so why not make them the star?


In healthcare marketing, there are many aspects to successful campaigns, but as content marketing continues to become a paramount strategy, it’s important that you understand the best practices.
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Content Marketing – 2013’s Buzz Phrase

Content marketing is HUGE right now. It’s been the “word du jour,” as calls it, for more than a few months. And in healthcare marketing, content is still king. With the ability to serve multiple purposes and show the client tangible progress, there really is no wonder why it is the “word du jour.” However, just because every marketing agency in Los Angeles says they are experts at content marketing does not mean they’re doing it right.


How To Market Content in the Healthcare Industry

In reality, content marketing is not a complicated strategy. If done effectively you can reach a greater audience, increase your brand awareness, drive more traffic to your product or services, and ultimately get more patients through your front door. That is the definitive goal, right?

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Physicians – Getting it Right with Social Media

Social media for physicians and specialists is no longer an innovative healthcare marketing strategy of the future; it’s here and it’s a necessary component of any successful integrated marketing campaign. From launching a targeted healthcare blog to integrating medical topics onto Facebook and Pinterest, to joining your own online conversations, social media marketing is now. If you’re not on board you’re falling behind the competition, and Dr. Smith down the street is attracting your potential new patients.


Physician’s Blog

As a healthcare provider, you probably are well aware of the importance of medical magazines and journals. Combined with medical websites and healthcare mobile apps, these resources keep you in touch with innovative procedures, research and outcomes. As a Los Angeles physician, or Scottsdale specialist, at the top of your game, these publications, sites and apps are your personal tools to providing expert medical care.

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Online Marketing Tips for Success

The internet provides limitless possibilities for business both great and small. From the mom-and-pop restaurant down the street to the high-rise medical building in downtown Los Angeles, building a brand presence online is essential, and manageable. While the nuts and bolts of increasing brand awareness online is best left to LA marketing firms like Quaintise, there are a few discussions that you might want to consider having with your partners regarding simply getting started.

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Anatomy of a Blog

We’ve been spending a lot of time on marketing plans and how to train your brain to blog, but today I want to spend a little time on the actual anatomy of a blog. You know how to seek out trends, you understand what your audience wants and what your business brand should say, and you have some solid marketing plans, but you still aren’t sure how to put it all together. Sometimes writing the first line of a masterpiece is the hardest part.


Keyword Focused, Relevant Title


Your title should explain it all, and yet leave everyone hanging. If it sounds confusing, well honestly it can be. Creating a title for the search engines as well as the target audience is more than a skill, it’s a gift. According to, the blog title is the most powerful words that you’ll write because for most of your readers the decision as to whether to read the rest of your post rests upon this title.


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Content Marketing – Training Your Brain to Blog

Beyond the 3 Steps to Expert Blogging, beyond the keywords, the branding strategies, the marketing plans, public relations and the written words, there is the mindset of a blogger. A true blogger does not think like the rest of us. A true blogger is always thinking of what will make the next great blog, what will grab the audience and hold them on the website. Training your brain to blog is a whole different ball game.


Yesterday we talked about some very important steps to creating some wonderful blogs, but I wanted to spend a little more time on the actual process of training your brain to blog. If you are an athlete, your brain is trained to eat the right foods, exercise, and push itself to the limits. If you’re a writer, your brain knows when it’s time to switch in to ‘writing’ mode and push everything else in life aside. If you are changing your habits in any way, it takes time and training to ‘get your mind right,’ as they say.


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