The Stats: Baby Boomers ARE on Facebook

baby boomers on facebook - marketing

As a social media strategist within the healthcare marketing genre, there are a few client concerns and questions that often arise during initial meetings, namely “I don’t think our demographic is on social media.” For local OB GYN’s, there is no doubt your demographic is on social media. For family physicians, it’s obvious your demographic is on social media. But when it comes to baby boomers, many healthcare providers are weary of launching social media campaigns, falsely believing that they’re senior demographic is not on Facebook.
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Marketing Online to Baby Boomers

If there is one demographic that every brand wants to target, it’s the baby boomers. They account for over 50% of the United States’ discretionary spending, and are responsible for over half of all consumer spending. Their spending power simply can’t be ignored, espcially when it comes to internet sales.


Buy The Numbers

The common myth among marketers is that baby boomers aren’t online. They are listening to talk radio and watching the news, right? New numbers released by eMarketer in March takes that myth and squashes it. In fact, baby boomers ages 47 to 55 spent 40 hours per month online during the study, and those 56 to 65 spent 37 hours online. As we take a look at the total time that Generation X’ers and Generation Y’ers, these are big numbers.

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