Facebook Audience Insights – An Inside Look

Facebook Audience Insights

This morning at approximately 10:00am, Arizona Time, I was handed a gift – access to Facebook Audience Insights and an wealth of information on each of our Quaintise client Facebook Page Audience demographics. While this feature is slowly being rolled out to most Facebook Admins, from what I’ve understood so far I am one of the lucky to have it so early.
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Can You Hide Your Pregnancy From the Net?

advertising statistics_healthcare marketing

I don’t know if anyone remembers the movie The Net with Sandra Bullock. It was a horrible movie, yet set during a time when the Internet was new and had scary implications. Every single thing that you did both online and offline was monitored, tracked, cataloged and used against you. Today, in 2014, things aren’t so far off. That’s why this story intrigues me – the story of a pregnant Princeton sociology professor who tried to beat the Internet.
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Internet Search Ad Revenue Skyrockets, Beats TV Ad Revenue

TV Advertising Healthcare Marketing Los Angeles

It’s really no surprise that search ad revenue is topping out every other form of revenue. With the changing face of Google and search algorithms, and the complicated task of organically bringing in search traffic, businesses, advertisers and marketing agencies of all shapes and sizes are spending more money on paid advertising.
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3 Ways to Maximize Your Facebook Advertising

best practice

Facebook Advertising has come a long way over just the past few months. With Custom Website Audiences, improved metrics and greater targeting options, the possibilities are endless. At Quaintise, Facebook Advertising plays a large role in our full-scale healthcare marketing campaigns. I wanted to share with you three of the strategies that work wonderfully in advanced Facebook Advertising.
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If You Worked These Facebook Advertising Numbers, We’d Hire You Too!

Facebook Advertising campaigns

Most marketers and advertisers have a love/hate relationship with Facebook Ads. You either have high Cost Per Click, and are on the hate spectrum, or you have low CPC and are on the love spectrum. It all comes down to do you know what you’re doing, and Quaintise absolutely knows what we’re doing. Don’t worry, we’ve got the stats to back up these claims.
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From Casual Patients to Brand Advocates – Three Strategies for Success

Physician Reputation Management

“The easiest way to create sharability is to give people an experience,” offers Franz Aliquo, Creative Director at ad agency RPM. “Something that turns their mundane day-to-day into something magical.”

One of the greatest successes for any business in any industry is the moment a customer or patient becomes a brand advocate. It’s that moment when a patient goes from writing you a Thank You letter to writing five reviews on digital directories followed by multiple social media posts raving about your services. For a brand, or a marketing agency, it really doesn’t get much better then that. But, beyond providing excellent in-office services and making them feel better, what can your staff and business do to facilitate that transition from happy patient to brand advocate. Let Quaintise walk you through some of the steps.

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Forrester on Facebook: Why I Think They’re Wrong

Facebook Healthcare Marketing Los Angeles

Facebook took a hit this week from one of the most influential, respected research organizations on the web. Forrester, a research and analysis information technology company, slammed Facebook’s marketing and advertising efforts with a scathing report on Facebook’s lack of advertising follow-through. As social media director at Quaintise, speaking strictly from the experience of managing many client Facebook marketing and advertising accounts, I think Facebook might be getting a bad rap.
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Marketing Orchestration – What is it and Why is it Important

Healthcare Marketing Los Angeles

The consumer has changed, as has the patient. Today, the consumer and the patient are one and the same. The consumer-patient researches, shops around, compares, discusses, engages, asks questions, reads reviews, and weaves through a variety of mediums and paths before making their new patient appointment with your offices. At Quaintise, it’s our job to know exactly where the patient’s path takes them before they end up at your door, and how we can influence that path towards your offices.

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Video Marketing Techniques – What Not To Do

Video Marketing Los Angeles

This week at Quaintise, we’re focusing on video marketing in healthcare. With that said there are many techniques to engage in for ROI success, as well as many to completely avoid. Videos that are created with poor attention to detail, unfocused messaging, and unclear goals will actually do your brand more harm then good. They can come across as out-of-touch and irrelevant, and in healthcare marketing, where everything must come across as genuine and empathetic, an irrelevant video can disconnect you from your audience. Here’s what not to do:
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Video Marketing – 10 Statistics Your Healthcare Ad Agency Needs to Know

Video Marketing Healthcare Los Angeles

What is the most ingenious aspect of Vine? It’s only 6 seconds, which absolutely forces brands and healthcare marketing agencies to think outside of the box, be unique, creative, innovative, and amazing in only 6 seconds. Video marketing within the healthcare industry is superlatively dependent upon ingenuity, innovation, and the ability to provoke emotion and interest from a tough audience. The stronger you can make your video message within a short time frame, the more successful that vide will become.
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