Internet Search Ad Revenue Skyrockets, Beats TV Ad Revenue

TV Advertising Healthcare Marketing Los Angeles

It’s really no surprise that search ad revenue is topping out every other form of revenue. With the changing face of Google and search algorithms, and the complicated task of organically bringing in search traffic, businesses, advertisers and marketing agencies of all shapes and sizes are spending more money on paid advertising.
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3 Ways to Maximize Your Facebook Advertising

best practice

Facebook Advertising has come a long way over just the past few months. With Custom Website Audiences, improved metrics and greater targeting options, the possibilities are endless. At Quaintise, Facebook Advertising plays a large role in our full-scale healthcare marketing campaigns. I wanted to share with you three of the strategies that work wonderfully in advanced Facebook Advertising.
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Forrester on Facebook: Why I Think They’re Wrong

Facebook Healthcare Marketing Los Angeles

Facebook took a hit this week from one of the most influential, respected research organizations on the web. Forrester, a research and analysis information technology company, slammed Facebook’s marketing and advertising efforts with a scathing report on Facebook’s lack of advertising follow-through. As social media director at Quaintise, speaking strictly from the experience of managing many client Facebook marketing and advertising accounts, I think Facebook might be getting a bad rap.
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Video Marketing Techniques – What Not To Do

Video Marketing Los Angeles

This week at Quaintise, we’re focusing on video marketing in healthcare. With that said there are many techniques to engage in for ROI success, as well as many to completely avoid. Videos that are created with poor attention to detail, unfocused messaging, and unclear goals will actually do your brand more harm then good. They can come across as out-of-touch and irrelevant, and in healthcare marketing, where everything must come across as genuine and empathetic, an irrelevant video can disconnect you from your audience. Here’s what not to do:
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Video Marketing – 10 Statistics Your Healthcare Ad Agency Needs to Know

Video Marketing Healthcare Los Angeles

What is the most ingenious aspect of Vine? It’s only 6 seconds, which absolutely forces brands and healthcare marketing agencies to think outside of the box, be unique, creative, innovative, and amazing in only 6 seconds. Video marketing within the healthcare industry is superlatively dependent upon ingenuity, innovation, and the ability to provoke emotion and interest from a tough audience. The stronger you can make your video message within a short time frame, the more successful that vide will become.
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Television Advertising Is Not Dead, Just Evolving in Healthcare Marketing

tv advertising_healthcare marketing

Healthcare marketing and advertising has changed. There was a time when every marketing and ad problem was solved with a short, 30-second commercial on Prime Time TV, followed by perhaps a print ad in a local newspaper. The consumer was gripped by the advertisement and gave your business a call or purchased your product. While many forms of traditional marketing and advertising are still effective, the rub comes in when you consider what happens after the ad has run. That’s where Quaintise healthcare marketing expertise comes into the picture.
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Digital Advertising is Dead – Or Is It? What Quaintise Does Better Then Everyone Else

Digital Advertising Los Angeles

In healthcare marketing, it can be difficult to determine exactly where to spend your marketing budget. Banner ads? Social media marketing? Facebook ads? Youtube videos? Billboards? In-office flyers? Print ads? I mean, the list of marketing avenues is endless and overwhelming. At Quaintise, the leading healthcare marketing agency in Los Angeles and Scottsdale, our marketing experts appreciate what each avenue and medium has to offer, as well as each medium’s weaknesses.
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Knowing Where To Buy Ad Space

marketing to millennials

A key component to any healthcare marketing campaign is knowing where to advertise. And knowing where to advertise involves a great appreciation and comprehension of your target demographic, and their behaviors both online and off. Understanding a specific consumer market can increase ROI, decrease ad costs, and ultimately augment an engaged audience. Quaintise takes great pride on our ability to understand your target demographic, your target market, better then any other healthcare marketing firm in the Southwest.
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What Ad Platform Will Drive The Most Traffic?

One of the most common questions our Quaintise healthcare marketing agency receives from new clients is “What advertising platforms will drive the most traffic? Where will I see the greatest ROI?” Because every single penny counts when it comes to running a successful medical practice, it’s exceedingly important to spend that money wisely, especially in this business of branding and marketing.

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Determining the Best Advertising Tone

According to a new study conducted by Lab 42, humor sells far better than anything, even the age old adage that ‘sex sells’. The study interviewed 500 respondents with the simple question “Does it really ad up?” The results might not be what you’d expect.


  • 71% said a funny ad makes them more likely to remember a product
  • 12% said an educational add made them remember the product
  • 8% said sexy
  • 4% said serious
  • 3% said patriotic


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