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Social Media Management

Your clients must trust your brand before they can trust your service. We use social media to create brand ambassadors for your company.

Quantise understands that successful social media needs more than an occasional post on Facebook or Twitter. Our key to success is to design and implement a customized and cohesive plan that integrates your branding and messaging across all relevant social media platforms in a consistent and focused campaign. This approach enables us to craft an expert, trusted voice for your practice, with messages that engage your patients, reinforce their loyalty, and inspire their referrals.

Quaintise will evaluate your current social media activity and develop creative strategies that will increase patient interaction and drive more traffic to your website. Through sharing relevant healthcare tips, to reminders about services and checkups, to profiles of award winning doctors and cutting edge procedures, Quaintise will develop a customized social media plan and content that reflects the unique qualities of your healthcare business and that works in tandem with other marketing strategies to drive patients, new and old, to your website.