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Content Marketing

Build and strengthen client bonds through constant communication. Loyalty arises when your brand needs goes wherever your audience is.

Quaintise sees content marketing as the way to increase trust by creating a knowledge bond between our clients and their patients. We do this by producing compelling and relevant platforms for sharing pertinent information using Facebook, Twitter, e-newsletters, videos and the client website all working together to build a trustworthy and reliable resource for patients and potential patients.

We know that our clients are experts in their fields and their patients trust and rely on them for timely, accurate, and accessible information on their healthcare needs. We specialize in the healthcare industry, so our researchers and writers are up-to-date on the questions patients have, as well as the most current and respected answers to those questions. Additionally, we develop these platforms to reflect the unique qualities of the specific client – communicating the values and focus of the practice, highlighting key aspects of the practice such as physician profiles, awards, specific procedures, or the introduction of new staff.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn create active, engaged online communities that allow conversations to happen among patients, fans, colleagues and followers at any time of the day or night. These outlets also enable us to communicate key information quickly, such as changes of location, the hiring of new staff, the implementation of new services, etc. and to guide people to key information we want to them to be aware of on the website.

E-newsletters allow us to provide more in-depth engagement with topics that are at the top of patients’ minds – from problems with fertility to what to expect during labor and delivery; from seasonal allergies to adolescent acne; from questions about healthy aging to your baby’s developmental milestones. We work closely with our clients to understand their patients’ concerns and to build relevant content that keeps them engaged and loyal to the practice.

Our content marketing strategies are designed to brand your practice, increase patient trust and loyalty, and expand your patient base. At Quaintise, we are experts in crafting a content marketing strategy that works across all available platforms to drive loyal patients to your door.

Let’s talk today to learn how content marketing can build your practice and strengthen patient loyalty.