Visual Marketing – The Key to ALL Forms of Health Care Marketing


Healthcare Marketing

The days of optimizing your marketing efforts strictly for Google, Yahoo and Bing are over. In today’s health care marketing environment, it’s all about visual marketing, and you better be good. According to this year’s Social Media Marketing Industry Report conducted by Social Media Examiner, the future of marketing is visual, at least according to the 3,000 marketers who were surveyed for the report.
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The ROI of Sponsored Stories – Understanding the Next Big Thing in Healthcare Marketing

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Advertising can be a deceptive business. From tweaking real estate images with Photoshop to running ads masked as quality content, to Google’s use of advertising space, there are many tricks to the trade that your patients are probably not aware of. In healthcare marketing, HIPPA requires us to be transparent, genuine, and authentic with advertising and marketing. With that said, it’s interesting to dive into the concepts of deceptive advertising and how your healthcare marketing team can be successful without tarnishing your brand or reputation.
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Physicians – Why You Shouldn’t Write Your Own Content

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Who is the hero or heroine of your storytelling? Who is the brand champion? If it’s your brand itself, your business, even yourself, you’re running your content marketing campaign all wrong. The key to your storytelling and content marketing success is your audience, so why not make them the star?


In healthcare marketing, there are many aspects to successful campaigns, but as content marketing continues to become a paramount strategy, it’s important that you understand the best practices.
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Secrets of Successul Healthcare Storytelling

At Quaintise, your Los Angeles healthcare marketing agency of choice, storytelling takes the cake. Telling a powerful story is what drives us, what motivates us to create successful campaigns for our physicians and specialists. Without a commanding, relevant story, your brand has nothing substantial that the audience can grab onto, connect with, and remember. What would Susan G. Komen be without the amazing storytelling behind the 3-Day, or the Race for the Cure? What would Allstate be without their main character Mayhem? recently published an interesting article on the ‘5 Secrets to Using Storytelling for Brand Marketing Success.’ Let’s take a look at what they had to say, and compare their ‘secrets’ with Quaintise proven strategies.

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The Promise of Something Great

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The future of marketing lies within the past. We’ve been on the subject of storytelling in marketing and how crucial telling a great story is to your overall healthcare marketing campaign. While there are many ingredients that come into play when considering the greatest stories of all time, the few that resonate throughout history can be easily translated into healthcare marketing strategies. The all-powerful promise made between the author and the reader might be one of the most important ingredients to maintaining relevancy throughout the years.


The Story Promise

Hearing the promise of a story that potentially fulfills an issue of human need — finding healing — engages the interest of the story’s audience. As the characters must overcome increasing obstacles to find healing, they heighten the drama over the story’s fulfillment of its promise. – Understanding the Process of Storytelling
by Bill Johnson

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