Quaintise Announces The Launch Of New Division – QDigital

A revolution is transforming healthcare. Digital health technologies are enabling healthcare providers to run their organizations more efficiently and effectively. Patients are increasingly taking control over their own care. Healthcare across the world is going through a transformation as these technologies grow every day.


There is increased demand for healthcare providers to step outside their traditional roles requiring greater education as more information needs to be shared. Digital health channels, such as social, video and mobile are changing the way healthcare providers communicate with each other and their patients.


And with the Supreme Court’s recent ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act, over 30 million new Americans will be entering the healthcare system in 2014, requiring healthcare providers and insurers to adapt to meet the needs of this new wave of tech-savvy people who expect digital healthcare solutions.


This shift is demanding healthcare providers to step outside their traditional roles and embrace new digital health and mobile technology. Now, more than ever, healthcare providers and their patients need a team of digital healthcare experts guiding this technological revolution to ensure that healthcare is affordable, less time consuming, and more accessible.


For nearly ten years, Quaintise, a healthcare consulting, marketing, and advertising agency, has been passionate about delivering the best results for our healthcare clients. To guide the healthcare industry through this revolutionary change, Quaintise is announcing, QDigital, a new division focused on delivering industry-leading expertise in digital healthcare strategies and services. QDigital will identify and evaluate needs and problems, and create new digital health solutions to help healthcare providers lower the cost of doing business and offer better care for their patients.


The QDigital services will include:

• Digital strategy
• Multi-platform apps
• Web-based apps
• Mobile apps
• Interactive med-ed programs
• Websites and micro sites
• Mobile optimization
• Social media applications
• Virtual symposiums and webcasts


“The future of healthcare is all about access. And while the Scottsdale office will continue to serve as the headquarters for Quaintise, we are excited about opening our new office in Los Angeles and equally thrilled about the highly talented team members who are dedicated to creating leading-edge healthcare technology solutions for our clients,” said Raquel Baldelomar, Founder & Managing Director of Quaintise.


The Quaintise headquarters will remain in Scottsdale, AZ and the QDigital office will be located in Los Angeles, CA. Our office locations are:


Scottsdale, AZ



7150 East Camelback Road, Suite 444
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
v: (602) 910-4112
f: (480) 773-7516

Century City, CA



10100 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90067
v: (310) 736-1752
f: (310) 772-2246


About Quaintise

Quaintise is a healthcare consulting, marketing, and advertising agency. Insightful strategy, combined with emotionally charged storytelling has successfully helped Quaintise deliver impactful and revenue generating campaigns for some of the most prominent healthcare brands in the U.S. Quaintise is the Agency of Record for some of the largest medical groups in the U.S., including Arizona OBGYN Affiliates, Southwest Kidney Institute, and CORD:USE Cord Blood Bank. For more information about Quaintise please visit www.Quaintise.com.



Sarah Swygert |602-910-4112 | sarah@quaintise.com


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