Developing a Marketing Strategy for a Telemedicine Practice

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According to a report by BCC Research, telemedicine is expected to become a $43 Billion dollar market by 2019. This tremendous growth rate is due to the surging demand for telehome services, which includes home monitoring services. The telehome category is expected to grow to 24 Billion by 2019.

This huge growth in telemedicine will be driven primarily by a demand for convenience. Rather than driving to your doctor’s office and waiting to be seen, many people want to be seen by their doctor via an online module that can make the process more streamlined. Before marketing telemedicine as a practical medical practice model, however, there are important legal, privacy, and logistical issues that need to be addressed.

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Capitalizing on Digital Doctor-Patient Communication in 2014 – Key Statistics

Social Media Statistics Healthcare Marketing

Doctors and patients don’t communicate well, at least according to a recent poll released at the World Diabetes Congress of the International Diabetes Federation in Australia. The trouble with the perceived results is the simple fact that a better doctor-patient relationship leads to better care, better outcomes, and increased patient satisfaction. But according to the study, only 29% of polled patients said their healthcare teams asked their opinion on treatment regimens.

In addition to the findings was the fact that 84% of polled healthcare professionals said it would be helpful if their patients prepared questions in advance of the consultation.
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What Does SnapChat Have To Do With Healthcare Marketing?

Healthcare Marketing Consulting

News is sweeping the marketing world today regarding an amazing cash offer that was turned down. Facebook offered to buy SnapChat for $3 billion, but the 23-year-old owner refused. What a world we live in where $3 billion in cash is neglected. Are the healthcare marketing experts at Quaintise surprised by this? Not at all, because SnapChat reflects exactly what we’ve been focusing on the past week – simplicity and effectiveness.
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Physicians Are Behind the Curve – Why You Need to Be Communicating with Patients via Email

Social Media Statistics Healthcare Marketing

Digital communication improves patient-doctor trust, frequency of physician interactions, and outcomes, according to a few recent studies. So, why aren’t you utilizing this form of communication with your audience? At Quaintise, we find the answer is simple, really; fear. There is an unqualified fear that email or social media communication will become overwhelming, intrusive, and down-right bothersome with little to no positive outcome even though the studies and the experts disagree.
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Capitalizing on a Patient’s Healthcare Decision Making Pathway

Patient Healthcare Decision Pathway

As a physician, your online reputation is probably one of your most important marketing details. The simple act of identifying, researching and selecting a family doctor or specialist has changed dramatically over the years, and while word of mouth is still one of the strongest sells, digital access has become the new norm in determining the right doctor for individual patients.  The normal path to physician selection has shifted to internet research, reviews, comparison pricing, social media influence, and locality.
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Capitalizing on Real Time Marketing in Healthcare (and why your team needed to start yesterday)

real time healthcare marketing

Healthcare marketing is a delicate dance precision pitching and well-crafted brand messaging. It’s about getting it right the first time, engaging a target audience actively, visually and contextually. An aspect of healthcare marketing that many Los Angeles agencies often overlook is the element of timing – an aspect of marketing that the team at Quaintise has perfected.
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Meeting Hospital Goals by Improving the Patient Experience in 5 Easy Steps

improving the patient experience

There are very few medical organizations in the world that understand the true meaning and effectiveness, and put it into action, as the Cleveland Clinic does. While many healthcare marketing firms try to convey the importance of patient experience and transcend that importance into action, it is a rare feat when it does, in fact, get accomplished. While many healthcare marketing agencies get lost in the strategies of advertising success, at Quaintise our team of marketing experts not only help physicians to define patient experience, but implement strategies that can improve it.
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Healthcare Marketing Content Campaign – Client Study

healthcare content marketing

Creating an entire content marketing campaign is more than just posting a blog and sharing that blog on Facebook and Twitter – it’s about focusing all of your creative, advertising and healthcare marketing attention onto one topic and making that one brand message, that one discussion, go viral. For the purpose of this article, let’s focus on a content marketing campaign that we have launched for Skin Cancer Awareness Month with a very special client Family Practice Specialists.

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What Is Inbound Healthcare Marketing?

According to Hubspot, inbound marketing is marketing with a magnet, not a sledgehammer — marketing based on content that attracts and nurtures prospects, not spam that interrupts them. I love that definition because it epitomizes what we do here at Quaintise in terms of healthcare and medical marketing strategies.  But the question often arises; can you prove that inbound marketing is worth it? Yes, yes we can…


Take a look at some very new, very interesting data pulled together from various sources and brought to you by 

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