Healthcare Media Coverage Matters

Positive media coverage is a low cost strategy that has a big impact.

Positive media coverage is a low cost strategy that has a big impact.

Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders wanted to increase its brand awareness and reestablish itself as an international eating disorder expert. Rosewood is a fully accredited and licensed inpatient behavioral health facility based in Wickenburg, Arizona. Its experienced multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive care for all stages of recovery from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, and co-occurring addictions and mood disorders for men, women, and adolescents. To accomplish its brand strategy goals, Rosewood partnered with Quaintise in June 2015 and focused part of its marketing strategy on increasing media coverage.

Positive media coverage offers great exposure for any business—including healthcare. It provides a big impact for little cost. Media coverage builds brand awareness and credibility because people tend to trust information that they read from various publications and websites. Media coverage can also help healthcare organizations improve search rankings, differentiate themselves from competitors, dispel common healthcare myths, and support new business growth such as a new service offering, location, or product. Continue reading

Why Healthcare Brands Should Focus on Content Marketing


People go to the Internet for information. Healthcare information is no exception. Seventy-two percent of Internet users reported looking online for health information, according to a September 2012 survey by the Pew Research Center. For the most part, people searched online for information about specific diseases or conditions, treatments or procedures, and doctors or other health professionals. The survey found that 77% of people began their search with a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

There is a huge opportunity for healthcare organizations to increase their reach and strengthen brand awareness by offering valuable medical information to consumers. Not only will this content help meet the needs of target audiences but it will also help position the organization as a trusted source of healthcare information and services. So what exactly is content marketing? Content marketing is a vehicle to create and distribute valuable, relevant information to a clearly defined audience. Types of content marketing include blog posts, e-mail, newsletters, webinars, videos, and podcasts. Continue reading

Data-Driven Healthcare Marketing Strategies that Will Increase Results

Big Data in Healthcare Marketing

Driving the most success with healthcare marketing campaigns begins with a clear goal. It’s really that simple, and yet that complicated. Your goal must be sharp, well-defined, and ultimately purposeful. In doctor marketing, a well-defined goal becomes the driver, and all campaign strategies seem to fall into place. Your healthcare marketing team, like that at Quaintise, needs to have a shared vision with our staff that connects at the goal.  Here’s how you make it all happen…
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Capitalizing on a Patient’s Healthcare Decision Making Pathway

Patient Healthcare Decision Pathway

As a physician, your online reputation is probably one of your most important marketing details. The simple act of identifying, researching and selecting a family doctor or specialist has changed dramatically over the years, and while word of mouth is still one of the strongest sells, digital access has become the new norm in determining the right doctor for individual patients.  The normal path to physician selection has shifted to internet research, reviews, comparison pricing, social media influence, and locality.
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3 Steps to Successfully Integrating Big Data into Healthcare Marketing

Big Data in Healthcare Marketing

Everyone in healthcare and medical marketing is talking about Big Data. If you’re marketing and advertising team has not mentioned this term to you yet, it’s time to seek out another agency. According to, Big Data is the biggest game-changing opportunity for marketing and sales since the Internet went mainstream almost 20 years ago. It’s kind of a big deal, and the marketing experts at Quaintise want to make sure you have the tools and the knowledge to utilize Big Data successfully in every detail of your marketing campaigns.
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Capitalizing on Real Time Marketing in Healthcare (and why your team needed to start yesterday)

real time healthcare marketing

Healthcare marketing is a delicate dance precision pitching and well-crafted brand messaging. It’s about getting it right the first time, engaging a target audience actively, visually and contextually. An aspect of healthcare marketing that many Los Angeles agencies often overlook is the element of timing – an aspect of marketing that the team at Quaintise has perfected.
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Blog, Post, Advertise – Rinse and Repeat

facebook advertising

When talking to prospective clients about the importance of Facebook, I like to utilize the phrase blog, post, advertise, and, of course, repeat. Content marketing and social media marketing in healthcare go hand-in-hand. You cannot successfully take full advantage of content marketing strategies without integrating social media; whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. With many healthcare marketing agencies questioning the current use of Facebook in marketing and advertising, the experts at Quaintise know that without social media marketing, you are limiting your brand’s incredible potential.
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Real-Time Relationship Building in 2013

In healthcare marketing we often talk about building your business brand, building trust between your brand and your audience, and cultivating relationships through all forms of media. In 2013, the next generation of brand building will be in real-time; a quick-paced facet of marketing, and incredibly personal. Sure, when a Fan has a question or concern on Twitter it’s wonderful to have a quick response and follow up with some reputation management, but in 2013 you will have to do a great deal more to get the audience to pay attention.


Real-Time Relationship Building

In 2012, real-time relationship building meant connecting with your brand’s audience on their level; on social media outlets such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, even Google Plus, Google Local and Yelp. In healthcare marketing, it meant answering medical questions by not only following HIPAA regulations, but by providing as much relevant information as possible.

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Set Your Goals and Charge Ahead

With so many changes coming to the healthcare industry over the course of the next few years, it’s natural to feel anxious about what the future holds for your medical practice. But the professionals at Quaintise wanted to offer some support and encouragement this holiday season; 2013 is going to be an amazing year! Find yourself a healthcare marketing agency in Los Angeles that can take your brand by the reigns and propel you into 2013 with rocket boosters! Head into 2013 with the confidence that Quaintise has your back.


Setting Goals for 2013

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, there is no better time than this very moment to start a brand audit. With a brand audit, Quaintise will take a look at many aspects of your campaigns over the past year. By taking an in-depth look at these campaigns, and your brand as a whole, we can determine the most effective, achievable, and revenue-generating goals for your healthcare brand and medical organization in 2013.

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Content Marketing Strategies in Healthcare

Content marketing is, and realistically always has been, a dominating force behind SEO (search engine marketing). The phrase ‘Content is King’ truly holds water for Google, Yahoo and Bing, and every physician or specialists in the healthcare market should be taking full advantage of every benefit that content marketing has to offer. However, in order to do that on your own (should you choose not to use a healthcare marketing firm), you’ll need to understand some basic strategy aspects.


Basic Content Strategies

Below are some baseline aspects to content marketing that need to be comprehended and executed accordingly:

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