Knowing Where To Buy Ad Space

marketing to millennials

A key component to any healthcare marketing campaign is knowing where to advertise. And knowing where to advertise involves a great appreciation and comprehension of your target demographic, and their behaviors both online and off. Understanding a specific consumer market can increase ROI, decrease ad costs, and ultimately augment an engaged audience. Quaintise takes great pride on our ability to understand your target demographic, your target market, better then any other healthcare marketing firm in the Southwest.
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Improve the Patient Experience with Big Data

Big Data in Healthcare Marketing

If you see beauty in efficiency – the type of efficiency that brings tears to your eyes – you’ll want to jump on the Big Data bandwagon. In fact, with data scientists who specialize in the healthcare marketing field, efficiency in marketing and targeting can become much like a Beethoven masterpiece, eloquently woven together like a tapestry of perfection to yield amazing results. And since Quaintise has recently brought on a superb data scientist to augment client sales and efficiency, we thought we’d run a little recap on how Big Data can be used to work miracles.
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3 Steps to Successfully Integrating Big Data into Healthcare Marketing

Big Data in Healthcare Marketing

Everyone in healthcare and medical marketing is talking about Big Data. If you’re marketing and advertising team has not mentioned this term to you yet, it’s time to seek out another agency. According to, Big Data is the biggest game-changing opportunity for marketing and sales since the Internet went mainstream almost 20 years ago. It’s kind of a big deal, and the marketing experts at Quaintise want to make sure you have the tools and the knowledge to utilize Big Data successfully in every detail of your marketing campaigns.
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Prospecting vs Retargeting – Your Healthcare Marketing Team’s Dilema (and why you should care)

healthcare marketing_retargeting

There has been a lot of interesting talk surrounding retargeting and prospecting, especially in the realm of social media. In healthcare marketing, retargeting and prospecting are integral elements of any campaign, which is why it’s always so interesting to me to follow these hot topics when they take over the marketing news cycles.
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Understanding Your Target Demographic with Facebook’s New Graph Search


Facebook Graph Search for healthcare marketing

Since it’s universal roll-out yesterday, Facebook’s new Graph Search has been all the talk of marketers and techies in the healthcare marketing industry. Of course, as early adopters of Facebook’s Graph Search, I’ve been playing with it’s capabilities for almost a month now, gaining a pretty good grasp of how instrumental this new feature can be for healthcare social media marketers. What is Facebook Graph Search? How can you use it for healthcare marketing? Let the experts at Quaintise walk you through what we’ve already learned with our already extended use of this awesome new Facebook feature.
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The Stats: Baby Boomers ARE on Facebook

baby boomers on facebook - marketing

As a social media strategist within the healthcare marketing genre, there are a few client concerns and questions that often arise during initial meetings, namely “I don’t think our demographic is on social media.” For local OB GYN’s, there is no doubt your demographic is on social media. For family physicians, it’s obvious your demographic is on social media. But when it comes to baby boomers, many healthcare providers are weary of launching social media campaigns, falsely believing that they’re senior demographic is not on Facebook.
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Healthcare Marketing and Millennials

marketing to millennials

Have you been marketing to millennials? What success have you seen in the healthcare marketing realm? Marketing to millennials, especially in healthcare, is rough going. It’s rough going for any industry simply because they are a tough demographic to fully understand, and yet they are the most important consumers right now because they are the single, largest demographic and largest generation in U.S. history!
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New Physician Welcome Packets – You’re Doing It Wrong

market research

Do your patients watch Dr. Oz? Do they enjoy The Doctors as well? How about shows like The Biggest Loser or read Runners Magazine? If you know these details of your patient’s interests, you can develop incredibly targeted ad campaigns on Facebook. Let Quaintise take you on a little trip through some of the Facebook Advertising secrets of the trade.


Understanding Your Audience – The Red Tape

As the title of this article states, most physicians and specialists do not have the correct forms for their patients to fill out. Welcome forms are pretty standard, including medical history, insurance information, and some of the most personal questions that some can think to answer. But, they are missing some key ingredients to assist in a physician’s overall healthcare marketing campaign.

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Healthcare Marketing: Bigger is not Always Better

Big data is the future of healthcare marketing, but big data does not mean bigger marketing, it simply means smarter marketing. Bigger data does not necessarily mean advertising on a grander scale, or marketing through even more platforms with multiple strategies, it means advertising and marketing more efficiently to meet the audience on a more targeted level.


What is Big Data?

First off, let’s define what ‘big data’ really is. It’s a marketing term that has become quote ‘trendy’ in certain circles, and understanding exactly what it means can help a great deal.

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Determining the Best Advertising Tone

According to a new study conducted by Lab 42, humor sells far better than anything, even the age old adage that ‘sex sells’. The study interviewed 500 respondents with the simple question “Does it really ad up?” The results might not be what you’d expect.


  • 71% said a funny ad makes them more likely to remember a product
  • 12% said an educational add made them remember the product
  • 8% said sexy
  • 4% said serious
  • 3% said patriotic


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