The Future of Independent Agencies

Last week, we had the opportunity to attend the Worldwide Partner’s World Meeting Conference in Las Vegas. We had an incredible time learning from some of the greats about independent agencies, new business, and how to fit our models to the consumer and client, and how to become the best at what we do. The model for independent agencies is changing dramatically and rapidly. After listening to these experts speak, we decided to breakdown a list of the major ways in which independent agencies should develop in order to maximize their business and be successful in today’s markets and for the future.
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Patients Control the Message, Are You Listening?

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Physicians are stubborn. Yes, I threw that right out there, but if you’re a physician, someone on a physician’s staff, or a marketing agency who works with physicians, you know this to be true. Keeping that trait in mind, imagine how slow health care marketers have been to realize that patients now run the show, not the physicians. It can be a difficult consciousness for physicians to recognize, but incredibly important.
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Conformity Kills – The Secret to Social Media Marketing for Physicians


I came across a very interesting article this morning on, and couldn’t wait to share it with all of our Quaintise agency team members and blog visitors. I quite often talk about the ‘one size fits all’ social media marketing mentality that dooms physicians and healthcare organizations – the mentality that is only perpetuated and maintained by social media specialists to essentially make a name for themselves. It can be a bit infuriating for those of us in the social media marketing industry who don’t care so much about the name but care more about client’s success.
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Internet Search Ad Revenue Skyrockets, Beats TV Ad Revenue

TV Advertising Healthcare Marketing Los Angeles

It’s really no surprise that search ad revenue is topping out every other form of revenue. With the changing face of Google and search algorithms, and the complicated task of organically bringing in search traffic, businesses, advertisers and marketing agencies of all shapes and sizes are spending more money on paid advertising.
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3 Ways to Maximize Your Facebook Advertising

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Facebook Advertising has come a long way over just the past few months. With Custom Website Audiences, improved metrics and greater targeting options, the possibilities are endless. At Quaintise, Facebook Advertising plays a large role in our full-scale healthcare marketing campaigns. I wanted to share with you three of the strategies that work wonderfully in advanced Facebook Advertising.
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Mayo Clinic is a Rockstar on Social Media, But Not For The Reasons You Probably Think

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When I think of social media and healthcare, two big names come to mind – The Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Clinic. These are the powerhouse of social media and healthcare. They’re doing everything right, and for all the right reasons, which makes it even more amazing. Both of these massive organizations came into social media for one purpose, and it’s probably not what you’re thinking….
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If You Worked These Facebook Advertising Numbers, We’d Hire You Too!

Facebook Advertising campaigns

Most marketers and advertisers have a love/hate relationship with Facebook Ads. You either have high Cost Per Click, and are on the hate spectrum, or you have low CPC and are on the love spectrum. It all comes down to do you know what you’re doing, and Quaintise absolutely knows what we’re doing. Don’t worry, we’ve got the stats to back up these claims.
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The Secret To Video Success – Make Them Feel It

Video Marketing Healthcare Los Angeles

At Quaintise, if we’ve learned one thing over the years it’s that emotional marketing, truly making a connection with your target audience, is what drives decision-making. Of course, there are quite a few elements that go into successful video marketing, especially in the healthcare field. It’s not often that a healthcare video spreads like wildfire over the internet, but in today’s digital society where anything is possible, we can provide you with some insider tips to help get your video on the right track.
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Forrester on Facebook: Why I Think They’re Wrong

Facebook Healthcare Marketing Los Angeles

Facebook took a hit this week from one of the most influential, respected research organizations on the web. Forrester, a research and analysis information technology company, slammed Facebook’s marketing and advertising efforts with a scathing report on Facebook’s lack of advertising follow-through. As social media director at Quaintise, speaking strictly from the experience of managing many client Facebook marketing and advertising accounts, I think Facebook might be getting a bad rap.
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Marketing Orchestration – What is it and Why is it Important

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The consumer has changed, as has the patient. Today, the consumer and the patient are one and the same. The consumer-patient researches, shops around, compares, discusses, engages, asks questions, reads reviews, and weaves through a variety of mediums and paths before making their new patient appointment with your offices. At Quaintise, it’s our job to know exactly where the patient’s path takes them before they end up at your door, and how we can influence that path towards your offices.

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