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Marketing Work Plan Development and Full Page Ad Concept Development, Art Direction and Execution


Southwest Kidney Institute (SKI) was established 25 years ago when a group of physicians came together to improve the experience of kidney healthcare for their patients. Today the SKI Family of nephrologists has grown to 35 physicians and has become the third largest kidney health practice in the country, dedicated to providing exceptional kidney care through its 27 offices that serve Phoenix, Tucson and Northern Arizona, with each office linked by a state of the art electronic medical record system and patient portal. This is the only nephrology group here in Arizona with two transplant fellowship trained nephrologists on staff.  And twelve of their physicians have been named “Top Docs” in kidney healthcare by the Arizona Medical Community. Several are multi-year honorees.

While SKI continues to grow and evolve, it faces some of the challenges that come with growth in a competitive arena:

  • SKI’s main competition for referrals and leadership in its category has grown to 80+ physicians.
  • Current and potential referral sources, patients, influencers, SKI staff and the media have very limited understanding of the category leadership, expertise, benefits and advantages SKI offers.
  • As a preeminent Kidney Medical Group, SKI has very limited brand or name awareness among its most important audiences.
  • What SKI is; what it stands for, and how all of its offices work together, is not widely known or is misunderstood.


As with AOA, Quaintise’s 8-week Brand Audit revealed that SKI needed an integrated marketing plan that clearly communicates who and what SKI is; underlined its mission, its importance, its services and its value principles, as well as  defined how its leadership and family of doctors, staff and offices all work together to make a real difference in kidney healthcare.  We determined that this effort must enjoin all the offices into one remarkable practice group and position SKI as the go-to leader to whom medical practitioners should refer their patients.

To do this, we created a campaign with a compelling leadership story sharing the experiences, accomplishments and expertise of its physicians and caregivers. It celebrates the exceptional compassion, care, services, qualifications and dedication that make SKI what it is. The campaign reinforced the reasons SKI should top the list of responsible referral choices for referring physicians and their staff to consider for their patients in need of outstanding kidney care.

Our target audience was identified as:

  • Family Practice Physicians
  • Specialty Physicians
  • Referral Influencer at Selected Medical Practices
  • Hospital Referral Administrators


Quaintise developed a proposed campaign for SKI that includes the following:

Marketing Tool Kit that includes:

  • An overview brochure
  • The Southwest Kidney Institute Health Journal
  • Bios of SKI physicians and caregivers
  • Newsletter on new medications, research and information on Kidney Health

New website incorporating some new innovative tools:

  • Custom online tool for referrals
  • Share line sections for posting stories for doctors to compare and learn

SEO campaign

Quarterly online newsletter

Email campaign

Print advertising

Public relations

Social responsibility or cause-related/non-profit involvement

  • The SKI-Mobile
  • Supper Seminars


The ads we created, developed, and executed for SKI increased their brand awareness over 25%.  The Marketing Toolkit that was delivered to new physicians helped increase their overall revenue by 15%.

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