Want To Be A Better Leader? Take Five Minutes To Meditate

Want To Be A Better Leader? Take Five Minutes To Meditate

Meditation isn’t about sitting down and emptying your mind. That’s one of the biggest misconceptions. It’s about self-care and learning how to focus the mind—something that business leaders need in today’s hectic work environment. Incorporating meditation into your life can help reduce stress, improve decision-making, enhance creativity and increase emotional resilience.

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Why You Must Tailor Your Communication Strategy During a Merger and Acquisition

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Communication is a vital component to the success of any merger and acquisition. It’s not enough to hold a company wide meeting announcing the deal and crafting your Day One message. As soon as an M&A is announced, people have questions and concerns. Employees worry how the merger will affect their job and benefits plan, customers wonder how it will affect the services or products they use and business partners question how it will impact future contracts. Continue reading

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