Building a Data-Centric Healthcare Marketing Team: Part 1—The Right Mix of Tools


Healthcare marketers need the right technology systems in place to be effective in the new digital healthcare environment.

Healthcare marketers have always had multiple roles—brand advocate, growth strategist, and patient experience champion. Now they must also be data analysts. The digital healthcare environment is here, and as a result,healthcare marketers are relying more and more on technology. All of this data means that marketers can use more targeted strategies to reach their consumer base. It also means that marketers are much more accountable on how their marketing programs are performing. It’s crucial healthcare marketing agencies and departments develop a team that is data-centric. The first step to creating a tech-savvy healthcare marketing team is to make sure you are using the right tools. Continue reading

What Healthcare Executives Want From Their Marketing Team?


C-suite executives want marketing data that provides relevant financial details.

It’s a classic challenge for the healthcare marketer—how can he or she connect marketing campaigns to the organization’s bottom line. C-suite executives want to know what is the return-on-investment (ROI) of marketing initiatives. Did inpatient or outpatient volumes shift? Did physician referrals change? Are patient satisfaction scores higher? Did brand awareness increase? Fortunately, healthcare marketers are now armed with an arsenal of information, including CRM (customer relationship management) systems, data analytics, and marketing optimization tools that can illustrate how their efforts are supporting the organization’s business goals.

Healthcare marketers need to hone down all of this data before heading to the table with the c-suite, however. Whether you are a healthcare marketing agency or part of an in-house marketing team, it is important to present senior executives with targeted measurement data that shows how marketing is driving tangible results and supporting the organization’s growth strategy. Here are seven guidelines healthcare marketers should follow to ensure they are giving the c-suite the type and amount of information that they truly want. Continue reading