Can You Hide Your Pregnancy From the Net?

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I don’t know if anyone remembers the movie The Net with Sandra Bullock. It was a horrible movie, yet set during a time when the Internet was new and had scary implications. Every single thing that you did both online and offline was monitored, tracked, cataloged and used against you. Today, in 2014, things aren’t so far off. That’s why this story intrigues me – the story of a pregnant Princeton sociology professor who tried to beat the Internet.
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What is Your Color Palette Telling Your Patients?


Marketing is a visual medium; and while the talk of the town has been content marketing, content marketing without strong visual cues will not redeem on all of its promises. Visual branding is essential for branding your business, your messaging, and your content. Visual branding associates your business with good feelings, easy-to-remember optics, and, most importantly, emotions.

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Patients Control the Message, Are You Listening?

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Physicians are stubborn. Yes, I threw that right out there, but if you’re a physician, someone on a physician’s staff, or a marketing agency who works with physicians, you know this to be true. Keeping that trait in mind, imagine how slow health care marketers have been to realize that patients now run the show, not the physicians. It can be a difficult consciousness for physicians to recognize, but incredibly important.
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Improve the Patient Experience with Ratings or Else

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Fifty-nine percent of respondents reported physician rating sites to be “somewhat important” or “very important” when choosing a physician…

The above statement was pulled directly from a publication in the February issue of The Journal of American Medical Association. At Quaintise, reputation management is a puzzle piece in the host of digital services we offer our healthcare clients, but an extremely important puzzle piece, nonetheless.

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Conformity Kills – The Secret to Social Media Marketing for Physicians


I came across a very interesting article this morning on, and couldn’t wait to share it with all of our Quaintise agency team members and blog visitors. I quite often talk about the ‘one size fits all’ social media marketing mentality that dooms physicians and healthcare organizations – the mentality that is only perpetuated and maintained by social media specialists to essentially make a name for themselves. It can be a bit infuriating for those of us in the social media marketing industry who don’t care so much about the name but care more about client’s success.
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Internet Search Ad Revenue Skyrockets, Beats TV Ad Revenue

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It’s really no surprise that search ad revenue is topping out every other form of revenue. With the changing face of Google and search algorithms, and the complicated task of organically bringing in search traffic, businesses, advertisers and marketing agencies of all shapes and sizes are spending more money on paid advertising.
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A BIG Facebook Update Physicians Should Be Aware Of

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There has been a trend on Facebook over the past year to increase engagement by literally asking for Likes, Comments and Shares. This technique, called Like-Baiting by Facebook, has been so successful that morally unethical Facebook pages have taken the technique and transformed it into a way to beat Facebook’s algorithm. Physicians, if you have fallen into the trap of asking for engagement, this article is something you’ll want to pay close attention to.
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5 Ways Physicians Can Integrate Social Media with Existing Marketing


By now you know how important social media marketing is for your practice. Beyond simply driving traffic to your website, you should also know by now that Facebook can be used to collect Big Data and narrow down your audience to most effective segment. But, if you’ve already been running a healthcare marketing campaign how do you go about integrating something as complicated as social media into your running strategies? Let the pro’s at Quaintise walk you through it.
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3 Ways to Maximize Your Facebook Advertising

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Facebook Advertising has come a long way over just the past few months. With Custom Website Audiences, improved metrics and greater targeting options, the possibilities are endless. At Quaintise, Facebook Advertising plays a large role in our full-scale healthcare marketing campaigns. I wanted to share with you three of the strategies that work wonderfully in advanced Facebook Advertising.
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