The High Cost of Ignoring Reputation Management Online

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You should never underestimate the cost of a poor reputation. –

If you’re not worried about digital reputation management, you’re about to receive a HUGE wake-up call. In the healthcare industry, reputation is everything, and to ignore it is to cost your practice in unimaginable ways.
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3 Steps to Exceed Your Patient’s Expectation


Every experience your patient’s have with your brand is an opportunity to impress; to exceed their expectations by focusing on the details that the practice down the street is overlooking. It’s not always about the numbers; how many patients you’ve seen in a day or have booked for tomorrow. Successful healthcare marketing involves going above and beyond what you’re expected to do, but creating the greatest patient experience you can.
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Simplifying the Healthcare Brand Experience in 3 Steps

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Brand marketing in healthcare is not just a catch phrase or a trend, it’s a reality that truly matters, and one that the professionals at Quaintise take incredibly seriously. Every company from every industry begins with the same basic ingredients: a product or service that the owner is passionate about (hopefully), a vision, and a desire to add something meaningful to your community. Every company form every industry faces the same challenge: getting the consumer, or patient, to buy into your passion and idea. That’s where Quaintise comes into play.
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Supercharge Your Facebook Engagement with These 4 Tips

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The power of Facebook is limitless, especially for physicians. When it comes to increasing the visibility of your brand, your practice or your hospital, there are few avenues that allow for such hyper focused targeting and messaging.

When you take a moment to look at the healthcare statistics related to social media, the numbers are truly staggering:
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Why You DO NOT Want Multiple Location Websites for SEO

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There was a time when SEO was simple; you built your websites with targeted keywords, submitted those websites to the directories, and voila! Over time, things have changed dramatically, and yet there are still medical search engine marketing agencies out there that insist on building multiple location-based websites to suit their hunger to rank for every location possible.  I get the theory behind it; hyper-targeted websites to each location that you offer services to in Arizona. However, what I fail to understand is why you’d want to spread yourself so thin in terms of SEO strategy. Now, instead of one full-proof, tried and true, effective SEO strategy to rank in each Arizona city, you’ve got 5 strategies running on 5 different sites…and your paying full price for each one. Why would you stretch your budget and your efforts like that?

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