Why Should Physicians Want “Likes”

Facebook Healthcare Marketing

Everyone knows the key to successful healthcare marketing on Facebook is getting “Likes,” right? Not exactly. The Huffington Post ran an interesting commentary today titled The Like War, offering 9 steps for “using social media strategy for long term business strategy.” The focus of the commentary was essentially how to get “Likes.” Ultimately, your goal in healthcare social media marketing should not be to get “Likes” but rather to engage your audience, driving them to your brand service or product. Here’s Quaintise’s 3 top reasons why physicians need “Likes.”
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The Secret To Video Success – Make Them Feel It

Video Marketing Healthcare Los Angeles

At Quaintise, if we’ve learned one thing over the years it’s that emotional marketing, truly making a connection with your target audience, is what drives decision-making. Of course, there are quite a few elements that go into successful video marketing, especially in the healthcare field. It’s not often that a healthcare video spreads like wildfire over the internet, but in today’s digital society where anything is possible, we can provide you with some insider tips to help get your video on the right track.
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5 Email Marketing Tips To Ensure Conversion Sucess

Healthcare Marketing Strategies Mobile

While the current healthcare marketing strategies of mobile and social media are all the rage, don’t let email marketing fall to far off track. Recent studies have shown that 91% of all consumers still check their email daily. Most importantly, according to EMarketer, email conversion rates are 3 times as high as social media conversion rates. Quaintise effectively utilizes email marketing, integrating email strategies with social media and content marketing.
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What Does SnapChat Have To Do With Healthcare Marketing?

Healthcare Marketing Consulting

News is sweeping the marketing world today regarding an amazing cash offer that was turned down. Facebook offered to buy SnapChat for $3 billion, but the 23-year-old owner refused. What a world we live in where $3 billion in cash is neglected. Are the healthcare marketing experts at Quaintise surprised by this? Not at all, because SnapChat reflects exactly what we’ve been focusing on the past week – simplicity and effectiveness.
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Making Your Brand More Social – Don’t Be Scared

Healthcare Marketing Company Los Angeles

Just the other day we discussed the importance of keeping things simple in a complicated healthcare world. Today, I want you to think about keeping things social – transforming your healthcare website into a social powerhouse.

The idea of getting social with your healthcare marketing probably scares the pants off of you. But, if you’re working with the talented team at Quaintise, you should be excited about all of the amazing opportunities that social media has to offer any healthcare professional.
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Keep It Simple – The Healthcare Industry is a Mess, Simplify Your Marketing NOW

Healthcare Marketing Industry Los Angeles

In today’s complicated and often confusing world of healthcare marketing, often times the simplest ideas and most transparent physicians and offices will come out on top. From the Affordable Care Act to explaining complex treatment procedures, the current healthcare industry is a clutter of mixed messages. Right now, at this very moment, is the opportunity to forge ahead of competing physicians and specialists in your field and come out on top. Let Quaintise show you how:
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From Casual Patients to Brand Advocates – Three Strategies for Success

Physician Reputation Management

“The easiest way to create sharability is to give people an experience,” offers Franz Aliquo, Creative Director at ad agency RPM. “Something that turns their mundane day-to-day into something magical.”

One of the greatest successes for any business in any industry is the moment a customer or patient becomes a brand advocate. It’s that moment when a patient goes from writing you a Thank You letter to writing five reviews on digital directories followed by multiple social media posts raving about your services. For a brand, or a marketing agency, it really doesn’t get much better then that. But, beyond providing excellent in-office services and making them feel better, what can your staff and business do to facilitate that transition from happy patient to brand advocate. Let Quaintise walk you through some of the steps.

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