Three Reputation Marketing Elements to Get Right Now

physician reputation management

Your target audience knows when you’re naughty, and knows when your nice. As we come into the holiday season, it’s interesting to note that it’s not only old Kris Kringle who holds the list, it’s also each and every potential patient who you are targeting with healthcare marketing and advertising. Never forget how smart your audience is.

Reputation Management

Within 30 seconds, your potential patients can see how many reviews you have, what topics you talk about on Facebook, when your last blog was posted, as well as the services you offer and your location. Another quick click of the mouse will show them what insurance you accept. Insurance, location and reputation are the three main factors that will drive the decisions of a potential new patient.
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Facebook’s Maturing Advertising Platforms – 3 Steps to Increased ROI, Decreased Cost

facebook mobile marketing

According to a survey conducted by, Facebook is growing up. What started as a fledgling attempt to increase revenue by offering limited and coarse advertising has become nearly akin to Google Adwords. At least, according to some of the social media marketing experts. What does that mean for healthcare marketing on social media? It means you better have a Facebook presence.
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Data-Driven Healthcare Marketing Strategies that Will Increase Results

Big Data in Healthcare Marketing

Driving the most success with healthcare marketing campaigns begins with a clear goal. It’s really that simple, and yet that complicated. Your goal must be sharp, well-defined, and ultimately purposeful. In doctor marketing, a well-defined goal becomes the driver, and all campaign strategies seem to fall into place. Your healthcare marketing team, like that at Quaintise, needs to have a shared vision with our staff that connects at the goal.  Here’s how you make it all happen…
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Capitalizing on a Patient’s Healthcare Decision Making Pathway

Patient Healthcare Decision Pathway

As a physician, your online reputation is probably one of your most important marketing details. The simple act of identifying, researching and selecting a family doctor or specialist has changed dramatically over the years, and while word of mouth is still one of the strongest sells, digital access has become the new norm in determining the right doctor for individual patients.  The normal path to physician selection has shifted to internet research, reviews, comparison pricing, social media influence, and locality.
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5 Tips for Getting Started with Content Marketing in Healthcare

content marketing in healthcare

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Content marketing is more than a buzz word in healthcare, it’s a marketing strategy that has grown to become quite effective and advantageous for small and large medical practices. From the two-doctor practice Quaintise manages in Phoenix, Arizona to the 35-doctor practice Quaintise manages in Los Angeles, California, content marketing is a beneficial and extremely valuable tool for marketing success. With that said, recent research is showing just how limited the healthcare marketing scope is in relation to this effective strategy.
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