The ROI of Sponsored Stories – Understanding the Next Big Thing in Healthcare Marketing

content marketing_sponsored stories_healthcare

Advertising can be a deceptive business. From tweaking real estate images with Photoshop to running ads masked as quality content, to Google’s use of advertising space, there are many tricks to the trade that your patients are probably not aware of. In healthcare marketing, HIPPA requires us to be transparent, genuine, and authentic with advertising and marketing. With that said, it’s interesting to dive into the concepts of deceptive advertising and how your healthcare marketing team can be successful without tarnishing your brand or reputation.
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Telling A Story – Visual Content Marketing in Healthcare

Since the dawn of healthcare marketing, it’s been a challenge to get the right-brained marketers and the left-brained marketers on the same page. And many times that discrepancy shows through in healthcare marketing campaigns, where the words and the visuals are not seamless. It’s a dichotomy that for generations has eluded the most skilled businessmen, combining text and graphics to create a visual image with marketing purpose, ‘pop’ as they say, and grabs the attention of your audience.
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Meeting Hospital Goals by Improving the Patient Experience in 5 Easy Steps

improving the patient experience

There are very few medical organizations in the world that understand the true meaning and effectiveness, and put it into action, as the Cleveland Clinic does. While many healthcare marketing firms try to convey the importance of patient experience and transcend that importance into action, it is a rare feat when it does, in fact, get accomplished. While many healthcare marketing agencies get lost in the strategies of advertising success, at Quaintise our team of marketing experts not only help physicians to define patient experience, but implement strategies that can improve it.
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Re-Imagining the Physician’s Front Office with Healthcare Marketing Trends

Much like a Facebook Cover Photo is your social media first impression, and your website is your web first impression, the front office of your practice is the physical first impression that you as a brand and a business will leave on a new patient. In any business, design elements are crucial to the overall consumer, or in this case, patient experience.
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Illustrating the Importance of a Physician Blog – Getting Physicians on Board

healthcare content marketing

As a healthcare marketing expert, you understand the importance of developing powerful, purposeful content intended to drive traffic and convert readers into clients. As a physician, the philosophy of ‘getting published’ in major journals has been an aspiring goal since medical school. These two concepts are not that far removed from one another. One serves to increase web conversions by presenting your expertise on any number of healthcare related subjects. The latter’s objective is to establish your medical experience as unique and exceptional, thus ascertaining you as an authority in your field.
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Blog, Post, Advertise – Rinse and Repeat

facebook advertising

When talking to prospective clients about the importance of Facebook, I like to utilize the phrase blog, post, advertise, and, of course, repeat. Content marketing and social media marketing in healthcare go hand-in-hand. You cannot successfully take full advantage of content marketing strategies without integrating social media; whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. With many healthcare marketing agencies questioning the current use of Facebook in marketing and advertising, the experts at Quaintise know that without social media marketing, you are limiting your brand’s incredible potential.
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Facebook Ads About To Get A Big Facelift

facebook marketing for physicians

I love following Facebook in my News Alerts. They are always up to something, and for a social media healthcare strategist, it’s exciting and intriguing to keep a close eye on Facebook News. Currently, Facebook has 27 Advertising options for Facebook pages, personal profiles, and more. From Ads in the News Feed or Sponsored Stories or Boosted Posts, to the more traditional Facebook Ad on the right-hand-side of the News Feed, there are a plethora of options, which the healthcare marketing team at Quaintise actually enjoys. However, all sources are pointing to a change in Facebook’s Advertising options, and it’s big.

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Healthcare Marketing and Millennials

marketing to millennials

Have you been marketing to millennials? What success have you seen in the healthcare marketing realm? Marketing to millennials, especially in healthcare, is rough going. It’s rough going for any industry simply because they are a tough demographic to fully understand, and yet they are the most important consumers right now because they are the single, largest demographic and largest generation in U.S. history!
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