Facebook’s New Ad Push – Retargeting

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Facebook will soon take retargeting to a whole new level, and not just in healthcare marketing terms.  Last month Facebook announced partnerships with companies that allow tapping into outside sources of data to learn more about target audiences, according to the NYTimes. On Wednesday, Facebook rolled out a new feature “that lets brands target users for status updates that don’t appear on their brand Pages,” according to Mashable. And on Tuesday morning Facebook announced a small test in which behavioral-targeting-based FB Exchange ads can run in the News Feed, that real estate – in the center of the Page – has been off limited to standard advertising.


Facebook’s New Ad Push

Ever since Facebook went public they have been scrambling to find ways to increase their stock prices and appease their investors. They are finding their way with advertising, and looking to get very, very good at it.
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Positive Vibes Going Viral for Physicians on Facebook

healthcare marketing on facebook

I’m sure you’ve seen them – those Facebook posts from happy customers explaining a recent amazing experience at a local restaurant or grocery store. I came across one today that was posted by a restaurant-goer on the Facebook Wall of a Chili’s. It was adorable, emotional and inspiring, and it garnered nearly 130,000 Likes, 30,000 Shares, and hundreds of Comments. Stories like this touch people, and do far more for your healthcare marketing campaign than any paid advertisement ever could.


So, how do you make this happen for your practice? Follow these easy steps:
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Physicians – Have You Googled Yourself Lately?

reputation management

At Quaintise, one of the most common concerns that we hear from potential clients is, “I don’t’ even want to know what’s out there on Google about me.” It’s a relevant fear. For physicians, the healthcare marketing field has changed so dramatically in the past few years that, while they know that they must manage their online reputation, they’re terrified of actually doing it. But that’s ok. That’s where Quaintise comes into the picture.


Step one to reputation management is establishing yourself online. But guess what? That’s already been done for you! Your patients, as well as online medical resources and doctor-search-sites have already established your online presence. You are everywhere already — on Healthgrades, Vitals, ZocDoc, Yelp, and probably a hundred more directories. So, fret now about getting started, it’s already been started for you.
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Content Marketing – 2013’s Buzz Phrase

Content marketing is HUGE right now. It’s been the “word du jour,” as Forbes.com calls it, for more than a few months. And in healthcare marketing, content is still king. With the ability to serve multiple purposes and show the client tangible progress, there really is no wonder why it is the “word du jour.” However, just because every marketing agency in Los Angeles says they are experts at content marketing does not mean they’re doing it right.


How To Market Content in the Healthcare Industry

In reality, content marketing is not a complicated strategy. If done effectively you can reach a greater audience, increase your brand awareness, drive more traffic to your product or services, and ultimately get more patients through your front door. That is the definitive goal, right?

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Should You Select Quaintise as Your Marketing Agency of Record?

We spend a lot of time discussing how to market your business, how to run a successful Facebook campaign, integrating storytelling, and how to select the perfect advertising platform for your medical team. But all too often healthcare marketing agencies in Los Angeles forget about the first step in any campaign, choosing the perfect team to represent that campaign. So how do you select the best marketing agency? Quaintise will tell you…


Niche Marketing – Healthcare marketing is a unique field, and in order to execute successful campaigns the agency you choose must have a supreme understanding of HIPAA rules and regulations, as well as specific demographics, medical conditions, medical solutions, medical terms, and physician expectations. This niche industry takes a niche marketing agency, which is why is exceedingly important to select a marketing firm that specializes in healthcare and medical.

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What Ad Platform Will Drive The Most Traffic?

One of the most common questions our Quaintise healthcare marketing agency receives from new clients is “What advertising platforms will drive the most traffic? Where will I see the greatest ROI?” Because every single penny counts when it comes to running a successful medical practice, it’s exceedingly important to spend that money wisely, especially in this business of branding and marketing.

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Healthcare Marketing: Bigger is not Always Better

Big data is the future of healthcare marketing, but big data does not mean bigger marketing, it simply means smarter marketing. Bigger data does not necessarily mean advertising on a grander scale, or marketing through even more platforms with multiple strategies, it means advertising and marketing more efficiently to meet the audience on a more targeted level.


What is Big Data?

First off, let’s define what ‘big data’ really is. It’s a marketing term that has become quote ‘trendy’ in certain circles, and understanding exactly what it means can help a great deal.

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Secrets of Successul Healthcare Storytelling

At Quaintise, your Los Angeles healthcare marketing agency of choice, storytelling takes the cake. Telling a powerful story is what drives us, what motivates us to create successful campaigns for our physicians and specialists. Without a commanding, relevant story, your brand has nothing substantial that the audience can grab onto, connect with, and remember. What would Susan G. Komen be without the amazing storytelling behind the 3-Day, or the Race for the Cure? What would Allstate be without their main character Mayhem?


Forbes.com recently published an interesting article on the ‘5 Secrets to Using Storytelling for Brand Marketing Success.’ Let’s take a look at what they had to say, and compare their ‘secrets’ with Quaintise proven strategies.

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