Determining the Best Advertising Tone

According to a new study conducted by Lab 42, humor sells far better than anything, even the age old adage that ‘sex sells’. The study interviewed 500 respondents with the simple question “Does it really ad up?” The results might not be what you’d expect.


  • 71% said a funny ad makes them more likely to remember a product
  • 12% said an educational add made them remember the product
  • 8% said sexy
  • 4% said serious
  • 3% said patriotic


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Should Physicians be Utilizing Facebook?

At Quaintise, we understand that as social media tools become ubiquitous with healthcare marketing and advertising, fears will increase as to their true purpose and possibilities. These tools (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) are synonymous with big brands such Coca Cola, Starbucks, Ford, Red Bull and even Disney, but are also making waves for medical organizations such as Cleveland Clinic and WebMD. And as social media tools have become a pivotal piece of the entire healthcare marketing puzzle, it’s our job at Quaintise to quell any fears that our physicians and specialists might have.


Personal vs Professional Page

An aspect of social media that many physicians and specialists often overlook is the line between professional and personal. While Facebook does have guidelines for setting up multiple accounts under the same name, it does allow you to set up a professional presence as well as a personal one. Our healthcare marketing experts do not touch your personal profile and highly suggest that you do not respond to personal friend requests from patients or personal messages. All questions, concerns and friend requests need to be dealt with on a professional level, directly from your professional page.

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Physicians – How Important Are Local Reviews?

I’m very excited to be covering this subject today for Quaintise! Regarding Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, localization is HUGE, especially for physicians, and yet it is still an overlooked and often unrealized SEO strategy. Acquiring local citations, reviews and testimonials should be an integral piece of your overall SEO puzzle – increasing your brand visibility, your brand credibility, and your online reputation as a local expert physician.


Local Citations

Local citations in the SEO realm are basically sites like Yellow Pages, Yelp, Healthgrades, etc – sites that list your business, showing your business Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP). There are literally thousands of citation websites around the web, each one showing pertinent information regarding your business. These citation sites show up in Google search rankings, Bing and Yahoo search rankings, and all over mobile search rankings, which is why it’s crucial that you systematically go through each and every one of the sites to correct any NAP misinformation.


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Physicians – Getting it Right with Social Media

Social media for physicians and specialists is no longer an innovative healthcare marketing strategy of the future; it’s here and it’s a necessary component of any successful integrated marketing campaign. From launching a targeted healthcare blog to integrating medical topics onto Facebook and Pinterest, to joining your own online conversations, social media marketing is now. If you’re not on board you’re falling behind the competition, and Dr. Smith down the street is attracting your potential new patients.


Physician’s Blog

As a healthcare provider, you probably are well aware of the importance of medical magazines and journals. Combined with medical websites and healthcare mobile apps, these resources keep you in touch with innovative procedures, research and outcomes. As a Los Angeles physician, or Scottsdale specialist, at the top of your game, these publications, sites and apps are your personal tools to providing expert medical care.

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HIPAA Changes the Game for Healthcare Marketing

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, also known as HIPAA to anyone in the healthcare field, received an update this past week with the release of a new 536-page ‘HIPAA omnibus final rule.’ The momentous update clarifies patients’ rights as they pertain to health information. It also increases penalties and ultimately updates an outdated Act for a modernized, digital world.  Let’s take a look at the main provisions in the 2013 update:


For Patients…

The greatest change in the HIPPA omnibus final rule comes for patients, and increases their instant access to their own digital health records. In the past, an ‘individual (was) entitled to receive a copy in the form or format requested if readily producible.’ However, if the physician did not use digital formatting, you got a hard copy and that was the end of it, if you could get that hard copy.
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