How to Calculate Facebook Advertising ROI

Facebook is a complicated beast, especially when it comes to tangible ROI for healthcare marketing clients. Facebook itself has told marketing firms to “ abandon the industry’s obsession with numbers of clicks and focus on more effective advertising techniques,” according to Reuters . Whether big brand marketing firms will heed Facebook advise or not is yet to be seen, however recent data from Nielsen is showing a shift in overall advertising funds.


Healthcare Marketing – Is Print Advertising Dead?

We don’t often talk about print advertising in healthcare marketing circles anymore. Why? With the surge of mobile advertising, digital marketing, social media and more the focus has dramatically changed, the mediums dramatically altered. At Quaintise, our  Los Angeles healthcare marketing professionals implement every possible strategy and campaign techniques to produce results, and that still includes print advertising. Here’s why…


Is Print Dead?
As a journalism major, it saddens me that print has become so inconsequential to so many marketing professionals. In the healthcare industry, where journals, niche magazines and medical papers still maintain a powerful presence, it also strikes me as odd that more healthcare marketers are fully migrating their campaigns to digital only.

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Video Marketing 101: Healthcare Success with Video

Video marketing is not a ‘trend’ of the future, it’s a marketing strategy that has grown online with tenacity, and has reached a pinnacle point where the experts at Quaintise can say that it’s become an integral piece of the marketing puzzle. Over the years Video marketing has grown from a fledgling technique with limited resources; to an entire campaign all its own with endless branding possibilities and limitless audience engagement possibilities.


Video Marketing by The Numbers

Whether you’re a web designer, video producer, healthcare marketer, or advertising agency, you inherently know that videos produce results. You might not have always been able to prove how effective Video marketing was in quantifiable ways, but you knew it worked. Today, you have the numbers to back up those claims. Numbers like these:

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More Users Go Online to Search for Healthcare Information

When the Pew Research Center releases new online data, Quaintise pays attention, especially when the online data is directly related to healthcare marketing and the medical industry in general. The newest study released last night is not much of a shocker to the medical marketing industry, but it does deserve some fundamental attention.


72% Of U.S. Web Users Searched Specifically for Health-Related Information


That is a remarkable number, when you think about it. Online medical marketing is a HUGE industry, and websites like MayoClinic and WebMD are eating these numbers up. Traditionally, health-related websites have always been a popular pull on Google, but this new research is showing just how important securing top rankings is.

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What Is Inbound Healthcare Marketing?

According to Hubspot, inbound marketing is marketing with a magnet, not a sledgehammer — marketing based on content that attracts and nurtures prospects, not spam that interrupts them. I love that definition because it epitomizes what we do here at Quaintise in terms of healthcare and medical marketing strategies.  But the question often arises; can you prove that inbound marketing is worth it? Yes, yes we can…


Take a look at some very new, very interesting data pulled together from various sources and brought to you by 

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Can Social Media Help Your Physicians Predict the Future?

It’s an interesting idea; predicting the future by monitoring social media conversations. In order to be successful, healthcare marketing agencies in Los Angeles and around the nation are expected to be one step ahead of the game, leading their client’s one step ahead of the competition.  Being able to predict the future via social media is not new, but in 2013 it can be incredibly useful if utilized appropriately.


Social Monitoring and Listening

With so many social mediums such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, even Google, it’s nearly possible to literally predict the future. The Pentagon uses the technique of listening to “chatter” when monitoring social networks for possible terrorist attacks. Big box brands around the world listen to “chatter” when monitoring their brand or industry related topics.

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Real-Time Relationship Building in 2013

In healthcare marketing we often talk about building your business brand, building trust between your brand and your audience, and cultivating relationships through all forms of media. In 2013, the next generation of brand building will be in real-time; a quick-paced facet of marketing, and incredibly personal. Sure, when a Fan has a question or concern on Twitter it’s wonderful to have a quick response and follow up with some reputation management, but in 2013 you will have to do a great deal more to get the audience to pay attention.


Real-Time Relationship Building

In 2012, real-time relationship building meant connecting with your brand’s audience on their level; on social media outlets such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, even Google Plus, Google Local and Yelp. In healthcare marketing, it meant answering medical questions by not only following HIPAA regulations, but by providing as much relevant information as possible.

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