Are You Analyzing the Correct Data?

Analytics are an aspect of healthcare marketing and SEO that cannot be ignored; to do so would be akin to running through a corn maze with a blindfold on. You know your ultimate goal is to get to the end of the maze, but you have no idea how to get there. Marketing agencies in Los Angeles and Scottsdale often tote their marketing practices, but tend to place analytics on the back burner until that end of the month report, when, in reality, it should be at the forefront of your operation.


How Well Did That Marketing Campaign Perform?

Healthcare marketing agencies need to ask themselves one key question when completing any marketing campaign, and it’s not the question posed above. Sure, you absolutely need to know how the campaigned performed, if the brand message was conveyed appropriately, if traffic on the site increased, etc. But the real question you need to be asking your marketing staff is “How did that campaign really go? Did the client see a Return on their Investment?”

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Selecting the Right Healthcare Marketing Agency

I realize this sounds like a cliché healthcare marketing blog, but the seriousness of the issue cannot be ignored. Knowing how to select the right healthcare marketing agency in Los Angeles for your practice is paramount and the first true step to marketing success, increased patients, greater engagement, and ultimately augmented brand growth. Below are some considerations to keep in the back of your mind when determining who will be the best fit for your practice.


What To Ask

Knowing what to expect and the right questions to ask can mean the difference between the right fit and the wrong fit. Selecting the right healthcare marketing agency to represent your practice takes some research, some thoroughness and diligence, and some attention to detail. You’ll need to put together a basic outline of the ‘type’ of healthcare marketing agency that will fit your practice’s needs. You’ll also want to have your 6th sense turned up to high when talking to each agency, and trust your gut. About 60% of the decision is research and preparation, and 40% is a gut feeling.

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Healthcare Marketing in the Age of HIPAA Fears

The acronym HIPAA alone causes physicians and some healthcare marketing agencies to shudder in fear. The thought of running a successful Facebook campaign for a medical organization is nearly, well, unthinkable for many healthcare marketing agencies in Los Angeles. However, it’s not as scary as it sounds or seems, it just takes some social media knowhow and common sense.


Last week we discussed some tips for running a successful healthcare marketing campaign on Facebook. Today, I want to talk about some added considerations when contemplating HIPAA and Facebook marketing for medical practices.

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Facebook and Physicians – Following HIPAA Regulations

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There has been a lot of talk recently regarding HIPAA, healthcare marketing and physicians on Facebook. And, to be honest, most of the talk has been untruthful and negative. Yes, physicians can increase their brand presence on Facebook and create engaging content for their patients and audience while still adhering to HIPAA regulations. The key to HIPAA-approved healthcare marketing on Facebook is a bit of common sense, mixed with a bit of know-how.


1. Think Before You Post – Never, ever throw up a Facebook post without special consideration. Is it an appropriate post? Is it related to the medical field and your brand? Is it relevant to your audience? Does it mention patient names, locations, symptoms or specific diagnosis? Imagine standing in your office waiting area and announcing the status update to everyone who is listening. Would anyone in that room be offended or know who you were talking about? If not, it’s good to go!
2. Ask Permissions – Yes, you can run contests and post user generated stories that patients have provided, but it must be done in accordance with HIPAA. For example, just last year Children’s Hospital LA launched a campaign to collect patient stories to use in a “Share Your Story” campaign. The ultimate goal of this campaign was to increase brand visibility and improve their overall reputation by sharing inspiring and positive stories. In order to remain HIPAA-safe, they required patients to follow a three-step-process that involved reviewing a “Use and Access” Statement, reviewing hospital HIPAA policy, and finally filling out a secure web form where they could include their story and photo to be reviewed by hospital staff. It was a highly successful healthcare marketing campaign that maintained HIPAA regulations. If you plan to publish or make public any patient information, it is a must that you get permissions first.
3. Keep It Professional – As a physician with an engaging Facebook account you will no doubt receive many questions related to healthcare. For example, we manage the online social presence for Arizona OBGYN Affiliates. This thriving Facebook page receives the occasional personal health question from Facebook Fans and users. In remaining congruent with HIPAA, we kindly give the questioner an overview of their health situation and offer them a direct phone number to a location closest to them. Keep in mind these questions often come through Facebook Messages, which are private between the questioner and the doctor. However, even in these private situations it’s best to remain vague and yet offer as much actionable help as possible.


HIPAA is not entirely as confusing or ‘scary’ as many physicians and medical offices believe. In fact, if you simply use a bit of common sense, offer advice and healthcare information yet remain distant from specific medical happenings that occur at your offices, you will be fine. As always, contact the experts at Quaintise for more information on following HIPAA regulations while maintaining an engaging, popular and thriving Facebook presence.


About Quaintise and Facebook Marketing

Quaintise uses Facebook, as well as many other social platforms, in all healthcare marketing plans. With Facebook, anything is possible. Want to increase website traffic? Perhaps you’re looking to increase patient referrals? Maybe it’s time to augment your brand with improved brand visibility and awareness. With social media marketing that adheres to HIPAA regulations, and the experts at Quaintise, the sky is the limit. Visit our LA QDigital location at 10100 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 300, Los Angeles, California 90067, (310) 736-1752 or our main headquarters in Scottsdale at 7150 E. Camelback Road, Suite 444, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85251, (602) 910-4112.

Facebook’s Denying the Obvious

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Healthcare marketing on Facebook can be tricky for many reasons. HIPAA, for one thing, is a legal aspect that must always be on the forefront of any healthcare marketing agency’s mind, and then there’s the constantly evolving atmosphere of Facebook. One week Facebook might look like Pinterest, the next week it might look like Twitter, and the whole time Facebook positions itself to recapture some investors’ money. Page owners from here to Indonesia are beginning to notice a Facebook shift that might cost healthcare marketing agencies a bit more budget than originally accounted for.


Denying the Obvious

Facebook held it’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) on May 18, 2012. It was one of the most anticipated IPO’s of the year, perhaps in history. However, due to numerous issues from computer malfunctions to initial prices to accusations of insider information, the stock plummeted and has yet to regain much speed. As of November 5th, even Facebook top employees are dumping their Facebook stock.

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The Promise of Something Great

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The future of marketing lies within the past. We’ve been on the subject of storytelling in marketing and how crucial telling a great story is to your overall healthcare marketing campaign. While there are many ingredients that come into play when considering the greatest stories of all time, the few that resonate throughout history can be easily translated into healthcare marketing strategies. The all-powerful promise made between the author and the reader might be one of the most important ingredients to maintaining relevancy throughout the years.


The Story Promise

Hearing the promise of a story that potentially fulfills an issue of human need — finding healing — engages the interest of the story’s audience. As the characters must overcome increasing obstacles to find healing, they heighten the drama over the story’s fulfillment of its promise. – Understanding the Process of Storytelling
by Bill Johnson

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