Top 10 Trends in Healthcare & Medical Marketing for 2012

Along with increasing health care costs and the growing use of the Internet for marketing and social media solutions, the essentials of healthcare marketing are changing. Hospitals, physicians, insurers, patients, and other players in the healthcare industry must adapt to stay on top of their markets and in front of their consumers. The top trends in health care and medical marketing for 2012 reflect an increase in consumer sophistication, and a shifting landscape in health care delivery.


1. The Rise of the Sophisticated Healthcare Consumer. Today’s technologically savvy consumers are more apt to do their own research when selecting a doctor, investigating treatment options, and making major health care decisions. As more providers recognize this new role for consumers and the impact their requirements and expectations can play in the delivery of health care, the market is shifting from physician-driven to consumer-driven. Patients and potential patients—and their methods of conducting research and making decisions—have become the focus of the most successful healthcare marketing campaigns.

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