Part II – New Year’s Resolutions for 2012

Deciding on your business New Year’s Resolutions for 2012 is all about setting yourself up for success. You are going to make 2012 an amazing year for your business. Think positively, but realistically, and jot down some ideas for what you want to happen in the next year. Do you want more Fans and brand advocates? Do you want to take on less of the work load? Do you want a greater brand and marketing presence? How much more money do you realistically want your business to make in 2012?


Resolution #1

Brand Audit – Every business needs to revaluate their brand once a year, and what better time than now? You’re number one New Year’s Resolution should be to have a professional marketing firm audit your brand. From this audit they will be able to tell you if your brand message is accurate and effective, if you’re demographic is targeted properly, if your business is consistently sticking to that brand message, and much more.  There is truly no better way to start off 2012 on the right track then by having a brand audit ran.

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Business New Year’s Resolutions for 2012

Happy Holidays! This purgatory week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is commonly known as the week when you sit back and reanalyze your business. You take a look at your brand, your marketing efforts, your message, advertising, and overall financial picture. It’s also when you set business goals for 2012, and jot down your business New Year’s Resolutions. As marketing professionals, we’d like to assist you in setting those business New Year’s Resolutions for 2012.


Learning from 2011

Before you set up your New Year’s Resolutions for 2012, take a look at what worked and what didn’t work in 2011 in terms of brand marketing and advertising. Did you run any highly successful advertising campaigns? What can you take away from those successful campaigns and tweak for 2012?
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Brand Trust – How Important is the Source?

How important is brand trust? Undoubtedly, brand trust is the single, most sought-after objective of every marketing strategy. Brand trust equals brand equity, which turns into amazing profit for any given company. But how does brand trust work? Martin Lindstrom, one of TIME Magazine’s “World’s 100 Most Influential People” took an interesting look into brand trust and product endorsement.
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Facebook Brand Reputation Management Revisited

‘Tis the season for controversy. The TICL reality show “All-American Muslim” is garnering a lot of it, and the brands that have decided to pull all advertising from the show are taking the brunt. Lowe’s pulled all advertising last week, as we mentioned in an earlier article, and this week the travel website Kayak has pulled advertising as well. When you advertise during a specific show it says something about your brand, but when you pull advertising from that show is says something completely different. What message are you sending to your audience?

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Marketing in a Down Economy

How does the housing market affect the advertising market? It seems like a silly association, but according to Mike Sheldon, CEO of Deutch/LA and marketing manager for ad campaigns for Volkswagon of America, Sony Playstation, and Dr. Pepper, considers the housing market to be a precursor of the advertising market.


Sheldon “believes that “it won’t be a solid recovery” until the housing market bounces back. “The purchase of a home is the ultimate act of self-confidence,” he notes. As such, Sheldon envisions a “slow and wobbly” rebound for the ad industry.” (

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Lowe’s Brand Reputation Management

Where you advertise says a lot about your brand message. Remember when millions of dollars in advertising was pulled from spots on Glen Beck’s Fox show? Creating a successful marketing campaign is more than just building a brand, creating some advertisements that target your audience. It’s not just about placing those ads in the magazines that your audience reads and the tv shows they watch. Success brand marketing is also about maintaining a consistency in advertising when you choose which tv shows to buy ad space on, and how you respond when it doesn’t go your way.


Lowe’s and TLC’s “All-American Muslim”

Recently, Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse ran an ad campaign on TLC’s new reality show “All-American Muslim.” The show, which premiered last month, followed the lives of five Muslim families from a Detroit suburb. As part of the advertising contract with TLC, Lowe’s commercials ran during this new show.
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Jack Daniel’s and Exclusive Brand Advertising

‘We’d rather ask for your patience than your forgiveness.’


This was the brand message back in the 1950’s from Jack Daniels. At a time when brands were pulling back on all forms of advertising, Jack Daniels was going full speed ahead, even when the demand highly exceeded the supply. The entire concept of advertising to let people know they ‘couldn’t get it’ should be realistically avoided, and yet Jack Daniels took full advantage of their low supply by creating an exclusive and high quality brand.

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Hiring Brand Ambassadors, Not Just Employees

Measuring a strong, consistent and successful business brand is not just about the sales numbers and the number of Facebook Fans you have, it’s about how your employees feel about their job. Do your employees love where they work? Were they Fans before they got the job? Are they brand advocates now? Here are some very important questions that you should be asking yourself as a business owner as we get closer to a new year.


Do I have a Brand that Elicits Emotion?

Coming into the New Year, take a step back and have a marketing team evaluate your brand. Consider getting a brand audit to determine how effective your brand truly is at creating an experience, eliciting emotion, maintaining consistency, and communicating an effective brand message.

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The Complicated Marketing of Vaccines

Vaccines, like every other product out there, can either be marketed successfully with a positive brand message, authenticity and consistency, or it can fail with a poor story line and inconsistent plot. Without getting to controversial, I wanted to touch on the subject of how vaccines are marketed and whether the entire industry has been able to follow the marketing basics.


Understanding the Target Audience

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times; a key element in successful brand marketing is understanding your target market, your demographic. Marketing vaccines is no different.

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