Leveraging Your Greatest Marketing Resource: Employees

Is there an untapped marketing resource right under your nose that you’re not aware of? Odds are, there probably is. When Quaintise performs a company, brand, or marketing audit for any local Arizona business to determine the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, one of the points that we often comes across under Weaknesses involves employee involvement. Here’s what we mean:


Employees and Customer Relationships

Many times, your employees are your greatest marketing resource. Often times, however, when we are focusing so intently on turning customers into brand advocates, we forget about the very people that work in our stores, interact with our customers, and showcase the brand every day. There is a hugely underutilized marketing resource right under your nose in terms of developing strong relationships with your employees, turning them into brand advocates instant of just hourly workers.

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The Mother of All Facebook Contests

I wanted to jump back to the discussion of Facebook for today’s blog simply because we are about to launch a huge Facebook Contest for one of our clients, and I have to say that I’m pretty excited. Facebook Contests are an innovative way to engage your target audience while increasing Fans and developing relationships and leads. Let’s walk through the greatest and most effective Facebook Contests that I’ve been a part of.


Facebook Photo Demographics

Everyone loves a good photo. Whether it’s silly and fun, serious, beautiful, emotional, or adorable, photos are the most Shared, Liked and Commented on pieces of content on Facebook. Though the exact numbers aren’t in yet for the summer of 2011, it’s estimated that 100 billion photos have been posted to Facebook so far. At the end of 2010, there were 60 billion photos Shared on Facebook, around 6 billion uploaded each month. At the end of the summer, that number is expected to reach 100 billion photos uploaded.

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What’s the Purpose of Business Development?

You’ve got an impeccable brand image, growing brand equity, a positive advertising campaign, increased Fan relationships, and strict marketing plan. What’s next? Business development. A business development company will have excellent skills in all forms of marketing, as mentioned above, and will be able to not only cultivate new customers, but strengthen ties with existing ones.


Business Development Companies

A supreme understanding of online media, print media, commercial advertising, social media, brand marketing, and much more is just the beginning. An expert business development company must understand customer relationships, building brand advocates, and cultivation of strong brand equity through customer service.

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Why You Must Have a Facebook Places Page

At Quaintise, we have been lucky enough to run every kind of advertising and marketing campaigns imaginable for our clients. From full-scale TV commercials, to billboards, clothing, online video, and print promotions to custom built websites and social media. Above all, and throughout all forms of marketing, the brand must remain consistent. There is no difference in brand consistency and marketing when it comes to Facebook.


Facebook is a phenomenon. What began as a small social resource for college kids has boomed into a marketing gold mine for business brands online. From creating a Business Places Page, to adding Deals, to creating custom and unique Landing Pages, adding creative Tabs, engaging the target audience with Polls, Questions and Contests, connecting with brand experts, syncing other social media accounts, and growing your Fan Base, the marketing list for Facebook is enormous. The best part is that the possibilities are equally as enormous, which is why it’s a huge resource for business brands.

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Marketing To Kids

Do you know your audience? I mean really know them? If Quanitise is your marketing firm, then odds are you have a pretty great grasp of who you’re marketing to. And if you’re marketing to the kids, you are playing a whole new game….literally. What was once fueled by Saturday morning cartoon advertising spots is now overrun with innovative, sneaky, and highly effective online marketing campaigns.


The Demographic

Kids influenced $1.12 trillion in family spending, according to “Kids as Consumers: A Handbook of Marketing to Children.” Kids as young as 2 years old, ranging up to 15 years old, have become prime market for online advertising via gaming platforms such as Mebkinz and Farmville. This demographic is tech savvy, and spends on average an hour a day online doing anything but studying.
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Steps to Producing a TV Commercial

Last week we talked about the importance of maintaining consistent brand marketing on TV advertising. Today, let’s dive into the production process; the steps that your marketing and advertising firm will go through to develop a winning TV advertisement.



As with any marketing project, a good amount of brainstorming, creative and client meetings are in order to hammer out exactly what direction you want to go. Your overall objectives must be clear. By answering the following questions in your first creative meeting, you’ll start the production process out on the right track:
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TV Advertising and Consistent Branding

Creating, developing, and producing a TV commercial is a process that few can accomplish effectively. The progression from client-agency meeting, to marketing briefing and strategy, to brainstorming and client presentation, to drawing board and final revisions, can sometimes seem endless. The creative process is extremely involved, but done right this form of advertising can reap amazing benefits and financial gain for the client and company brand.


Staying Genuine To Your Brand

I’m getting ahead of myself in the production process here, but I want to point out how important it is to stay true to your brand message. This is the most important asset that you company has, more vital than any product, service or investor. When it comes down to it, your brand message, the company promise to your audience, must be consistent throughout every creative process.

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Is The Economy Hurting TV Advertising?

Recently, Quaintise was given the wonderful opportunity to use the full extent of our resources in creating a television commercial for one of our healthcare clients. It was a remarkable marketing strategy that is currently reaping some magnificent benefits for the client. And it got us thinking, with the downtick in our U.S. economy, should clients be second-guessing their decision to use their marketing budget for television advertising? We know the answer to this question, so let’s dive in.


Bad Economy Good for TV

They have always said that when the economy starts to take a dive, movies, tv, and alcohol sales and advertising go on the rise. Consumers want to escape from the struggles of daily life, and whether it’s by going out to the movies or having a glass of wine in front of the TV, media conglomerates such as Viacom, NBCUniversal and Time Warner “have not seen any deterioration” in their “current market conditions,” according to the New York Times.

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Crisis Communication and Public Opinion

Public opinion; it’s all that matters in this industry. Public opinion can be a stronger force than any lawsuit, any criminal allegation, and any investigation. Once the media gets a hold of a public challenge to a brand’s reputation, whether it’s because of a lawsuit, investigation or recall, the public becomes the ultimate judge. And once this happens, ideally before this happens, your public relations team must step up with some crisis communication and control.



Your brand’s identity and reputation are vital elements of increasing brand awareness and equity. If the public cannot trust your brand, does not feel connected to the experience, you will have trouble growing and thriving. Reputation is everything. In today’s environment where increased transparency and access to information online is abundant, a brand’s reputation can be evaluated and verified by just about anyone.
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