Emotion and Timing in Advertising

Advertising; a key element in brand marketing in which the ultimate goal is to influence a target audience to purchase a product, use a service, visit a location, and much more. Effective advertising, marked with a superbly developed brand message, utilizing the right medium, and targeting the correct audience, can work so subliminally and so perfectly to manipulate the thoughts, even desires, of the consumer. Done right, it’s magic!


Emotional Responses to Advertising

As you read this, take a moment to sit back and remember the last powerful ad that you saw, or heard. What was it? Auto makers are wonderful at hitting an individual’s emotions. For example, in our rough economic atmosphere, with the downfall of Detroit, those Chrysler “Imported from Detroit” commercials do a wonderful job at getting to the heart of the matter. Like this 2010 Super Bowl commercial that got a lot of attention not only for its celebrity star and music, but for its emotional aspect during a time when Detroit was failing.

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QR Codes and Mobile Brand Marketing

Do you have a ‘smartphone?’ Odds are, you happen to be one of the estimated 37.9 million Apple users or 23.8 million Android users, not including Windows and Blackberry mobiles, who jump on that mobile device every single day. According to the “State of the Media 2001,” 84% of US adults own a smartphone or tablet computer. Mobile marketing is becoming a wonderful opportunity for business looking to increase brand awareness through mobile sites, mobile apps, mobile ads, and location-based services. But how do you adhere to your brand message across this mobile medium? Well, follow these easy tips.


Mobile Demographics

As with any other form of marketing, understanding your audience through segmentation and deep demographics is key. Is your target audience engaged on mobile social networks? Are they actively ‘checking in’ to local hot spots? What kind of operating systems and mobile devices do they use? Does their mobile support flash? How often do they share video and pictures? How often do they check local news and weather from their mobile devices? All of these questions must be taken into account when considering mobile marketing plans.
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Which Advertising Medium is Right For You?

In any medium of marketing, business owners are challenged to get the most bang for their buck. With so many forms of media available, from social media to banner ads, print advertising and TV spots, it’s difficult to know where to spend your marketing budget. Which medium speaks to your target audience more appropriately?


Choosing the Right Advertising Medium

The manner in which you convey your information is just as important as the medium that you choose. Plan your advertising in a way that elicits emotion, attracts attention and puts out a call-to-action to those who see it. You need to be specific about the goods and services offered and regardless of the medium you choose your branding should always remain the same.

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Demographics – Psychographic Profiling (Part II)

In the age of social media and real-time marketing, psychographic profiling and segmentation is the golden ticket. While segmenting and fragmenting might refer to income, employer, job title, age, gender, and categorical aspects of demographics, psychographic variables refer to interests, activities and opinions.


For example, while demographics might tell you that an individual is a mother, between the ages of 30 to 35. Segmentation might tell you that this person makes $50,000 a year and works as a medical tech. Psychographics might tell you that this mom has two kids, one who is between the ages of 2 and 3, and the other between the ages of 5 and 6. It might also tell you that this mother spends $500 a month online shopping, lives on the same street as her parents, and works out at the local gym.

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Demographis in the Age of Real-Time Media (Part I)

If you’ve been following the Quaintise blog (which you can easily do by Liking our Facebook Page), you’ve probably noticed that we spend a lot of time discussing brand building in real-time, creating unique brand experiences, and the importance of cultivating Fan relationships. These are not things easily done, which is why many turn to Scottsdale advertisers and marketers to do the work for them. However, it’s always good to understand what ‘best practices’ they should be using when building your brand. The overused term ‘demographics’ is no longer suitable to describe the audience your marketers are advertising. You should be hearing things like Market Segmentation and Fragmentation, and here’s why.


Demographics, Market Segmentation, and Social Media

Technically speaking, demographics are “the statistical characteristics of a population” such as “gender, race, age disabilities, mobility, home ownership, employment status, location, and more. Market segmentation is “a sub-set of a market made up of people or organizations with one of more characteristics that cause them to demand similar product and/or services.” And social media is “social interaction using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques.”
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Creating a Personalized Brand Experience

I love Pandora, and here’s why; it’s personalized to my style of music. I put in a few songs or artists that I enjoy, and Pandora puts together an entire array of stations to fit my personal preference. I love Google because it is looking to do the same thing, personalize my search experience to fit my needs. These are strong messages that you should be paying attention to as you sit down to consider your brand advertising and marketing. Personal experience, custom brand options, and fulfilling promises will set your business apart from the rest.


The Personalized Experience

Creating a personal and authentic brand experience is essential in today’s marketing environment to create your product or service stand out. Authenticity and maintaining a genuine promise to your Fans is something we talk about often here at Quaintise, but as advertisers and marketers who have been in the business for quite some time, we can’t stress enough the importance of creating an authentic brand experience.

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