Public Relations

To us, public relations is personal. We treat your company’s reputation, your most valuable asset, like it was our own.

You must invest in it, build it, monitor it, and protect your brand image. The public relations team of professionals at Quaintise can build a non-existent reputation, maintain a good reputation, and reverse a bad reputation–all through memorable and relevant storytelling.

Quaintise not only helps identify your story – we help improve its newsworthiness and then craft and distribute that message to your audience. This includes creating persuasive press releases the media will find worthy for publication. We utilize the most advanced PR tools available, including CisionPoint, MarketWire, social media tools, blogs, and our own proprietary media list for distributing your news story.

Our media pitches are relevant, timely, and persistent. We contact targeted news agencies, editors, and journalists using a variety of channels – email, phone, and Twitter, to pitch your story idea. Our strong relationship with Los Angeles and Phoenix-based media, national media, and strategic PR campaigns have allowed us to help our clients get positive news coverage that have enhanced their reputation.