Why You DO NOT Want Multiple Location Websites for SEO

healthcare mobile marketing

There was a time when SEO was simple; you built your websites with targeted keywords, submitted those websites to the directories, and voila! Over time, things have changed dramatically, and yet there are still medical search engine marketing agencies out there that insist on building multiple location-based websites to suit their hunger to rank for every location possible.  I get the theory behind it; hyper-targeted websites to each location that you offer services to in Arizona. However, what I fail to understand is why you’d want to spread yourself so thin in terms of SEO strategy. Now, instead of one full-proof, tried and true, effective SEO strategy to rank in each Arizona city, you’ve got 5 strategies running on 5 different sites…and your paying full price for each one. Why would you stretch your budget and your efforts like that?

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Why You Need a Healthcare Social Media Editorial Calendar

Healthcare Social Media Marketing

As Quaintise social media director, I started out being against editorial calendars. They went against everything that I believed was true about social media; spontaneity, trend-spotting and crowd-sourcing. If something popped up in the news or was trending and related to the client’s healthcare industry, I posted it. Social media calendars got in the way of productivity, or so I thought.
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Translating Real World Fans into Digital Advocates

Healthcare Marketing Strategies

The new year should bring with it a new realization of healthcare marketing strategies that will increase foot traffic and boost your ROI. One of those marketing strategies that should be at the top of your marketing plans is reputation management; a paramount step in getting and staying at the top of the search engine rankings on Google.
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All SEO Is Local, Especially for Doctor Marketing

Healthcare Advertising Agency Los Angeles

Right now is about the time you’re going to see a lot of 2014 trends articles and blogs. You’ll see those familiar keywords such as patient satisfaction, consumer expectations, segmentation, fragmentation, real-time marketing, mobile, social, engagement, and big data, among many others. The overwhelming thought to consider is that in healthcare marketing, it all matters at all times, whether it’s 2013 or 2015, the bones of healthcare marketing strategies remain fairly consistent.
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Why Should Physicians Want “Likes”

Facebook Healthcare Marketing

Everyone knows the key to successful healthcare marketing on Facebook is getting “Likes,” right? Not exactly. The Huffington Post ran an interesting commentary today titled The Like War, offering 9 steps for “using social media strategy for long term business strategy.” The focus of the commentary was essentially how to get “Likes.” Ultimately, your goal in healthcare social media marketing should not be to get “Likes” but rather to engage your audience, driving them to your brand service or product. Here’s Quaintise’s 3 top reasons why physicians need “Likes.”
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